Comedian (2002)

Just when you thought being funny was easy.

Honest — at times painfully so — and intimate, director Christian Charles’s documentary follows established comedian Jerry Seinfeld and up-and-comer Orny Adams as they navigate the highs and lows of the stand-up circuit.

The film is a documentary focusing on these two different comedians, up and comer, with an aging has-been, over the course of one year. Aspiring comedians everywhere, watch this!

The film has a lot of actual insight about the world of comedy, and how hard it actually is. People think of the stand-up world as just telling jokes and your good, when in reality, your dead wrong. These people have to plan out what they are going to say, with the right timing, and the right way of telling it. We see how these people mostly Adams, try to overcome their fear of becoming famous once again, and not becoming famous at all.

The problem with this film is that its way too cheaply made. The camera they used honestly looks like the one I used to film my dad’s football games last year, and the audio is pretty sloppy, because sometimes you hear their jokes, and then other times you don’t.

Also, I didn’t think there was enough insight from these two people, and if there was captured on film they should have put a lot more than what they had packed into this 82 minute documentary. I could have been so important to all comedians out there, but instead only is mildly important due to the fact of its lousy filming.

I liked the fact that the film focused more on Seinfeld than Adams cause in reality Seinfeld is one of the best. You can’t really judge him on his performance cause he isn’t acting here, but his jokes and his comedic timing in this film, just prove that he is one of the greatest. I do wish there were more cameos from other big-time comedians like Chris Rock, Ray Romano, and Jay Leno, who all show up for about 1 minute and are gone like nothing happened.

Consensus: Due to sloppy editing, filming, and use of info, Comedian isn’t the most important film about the job of being a funny guy, but it sure is insightful with plenty of funny moments to enjoy.


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