Saturday Night Fever (1977)

Hey, it got me dancing!

Director John Badham’s musical ushered in the disco craze with the character of 19-year-old Tony Manero (John Travolta). By day, Tony’s a paint store clerk, but at night he’s a polyester-clad stallion who rules the dance floor of a Brooklyn nightspot with his partner, Stephanie (Karen Lynn Gorney).

First, to start off I have got to praise the film for making me basically want to dance all the time. The whole defines the look, way, and feel of 1970s New York, during the great days of when disco was alive and kickin’. I felt like I was totally in this world mostly because of the wonderful dancing and soundtrack.

The Bee Gee’s look like a bunch of huge pot heads, that you wouldn’t be expecting belting out hits like “Stayin’ Alive“, or “More Than a Woman” for that matter. But their music fits so well with this movie, and the dance scenes that are in this just are exciting and fun every time it goes down. You feel the fun, and the craziness that occured in these 1970s clubs, and you kind of wish you were there.

But other than this disco nightlife, and dancing, its all considered second to real life. However, I just wish this person’s life wasn’t so out-of-hand. Some of the stuff in this movie gets a little wild, like a chick getting raped like twice, drunk guys dancing on a bridge, and some random graphic violence. For me, I understood what the film’s ideas were, but I just wasn’t totally convinced, that this is how crazy life outside of the night clubs can be.

The main reason the film works is none other than one of the greatest leading men of all-time, Mister John Travolta. Nowadays, Travolta gets a bad-rep because he does crappy films like, Old Dogs, or Wild Hogs, but back in his hay-day, people, he had it going on. Travolta makes this character easily likable with his signature charm and charisma that got him so far in his career. Also, there were no stunt doubles used for the dancing scenes, so everything nutty and crazy you see Travolta doing on that dance floor, its him! Trust me, he’s got moves! He’s not the brightest tool in the shed, but due to his self-confidence the ladies want him, and the guys want to be him (points to myself). Karen Lynn Gorney was also good, but her voice was a little mannish, and she didn’t quite look the part since she does look a lot older, but hey, she can dance it out as well.

The main reason to see this film is the wonderful dance scene these two have, its just what and how perfect film can be.

Consensus: Though its plot gets a little crazy outside of the dancing and night-clubbing, Saturday Night Fever is a classic that features a wonderful look at the disco era, complete with a jamming soundtrack, awesome dance moves, and an iconic performance from the man they call, Travolta.

9/10=Full Pricee!!!!


  1. I still love this movie and am completely shocked as stylized as it is that it doesn’t feel more dated, but it’s held up insanely well still.

    Allllllllllllllllllllll Pacino!

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