7 Facts About Me

My homies: Aiden R., Heather, Peter, and probably many others have tagged me in the latest meme. Now instead of doing another list of movie facts, that some probably already know about. So I have just decided to go along with the facts about me, as in myself. Here goes nothing!

1. The only obsession that I have more than movies, is music. Anything you put in front of me I’ll listen too. Bonus Fact: Fav Band is indeed Nirvana. Don’t worry guys I love life.

2. My parents usually call me fat boy. It’s a nickname that I take in stride.

3. I barely ever play video games anymore, but when I do it’s always either Call of Duty (online of course), or Saints Row 2. Yeah, pretty weak game choice I know.

4. Except for C & C (Corn and Carrots), I dislike vegetables soo much. I know that their good for me and everything, but I just cannot stand the taste of some of the food. Like Broccoli, come on!

5. I do play drums, and I have been in two bands, each lasted about 3 months, maybe not even. But I still play drums, and trying to get another band together, I just need a new snare, that ish is ripped in half…nbd.

6. My favorite book of all-time is indeed Girl With a Pearl Earring. So many people hated that book, but I loved it soo much. I read a book almost every once and awhile, but when I do I get so into them. Other books I have read: Watchmen (I know it’s a graphic novel!), High Fidelity, The Road, and plenty of more.

7. Porn Star Name= Name of pet: Pearl, Name of Street you live on: Martin Dr. So my porn star name is Pearl Martin baby! Eat your heart out Dirk Diggler!

So now that everybody basically knows my life, I’m supposed to tag some playas in this. You guys don’t have to make a meme about yourself like I did, you can honestly make it about whatever you want to.

1. Mah bull Frank at Koungaroo

2. Silly Willy Mill1924 at CyniCritics

3. Lover Silver Emulsion at well, Silver Elmusion

4. The other Frank at Pompous Film Snob

Tag! You’re it!! Now do it!!!!


  1. Good list, man. Love Girl with the Pearl Earring. Had to teach it to my ninth grade students a number of years ago. An excellent piece of literature. I always used Dick Ramsit as my porn name….hasn’t caught on yet, but it will. Oh…it will.

  2. Is the book similar to the film? I’ve only seen the film. It’s about that Dutch artist that paints his servant girl and then falls in love with her right?

      • Most movies usually can’t live up to the book sadly. Btw, that’s a cute pic of the MacDonald’s boy.

        Speaking of Nirvana, you’ve heard that Courtney Love is working on a film version of it right?

  3. pearl earring had a good story line, but i personally didn’t like it dawg haha.
    dude im such a closet nirvana lover hah, btw saints row is such a great game, the only game i play

  4. Thanks for the new nickname haha… Fat Boy (I enjoyed the picture with that)

    “Bonus Fact: Fav Band is indeed Nirvana. Don’t worry guys I love life.” – Made me laugh out loud for real.

    I agree with you about the veggies, corn and carrots are where it’s at.

    Thank you for the tag, unfortunately, we just did 7 facts, so I am going to get a little creative on what these 7 facts/things are going to be about. But don’t worry, it’s totally coming.

  5. I’m rather surprised at “Girl With a Pearl Earring”!

    Drums – Now there’s an instrument I’ve been wanting to learn for some years. I haven’t yet, mainly because I’m afraid I’ll be really mediocre and would prefer to feel like an air drum pro instead.

    I wonder is there any female air drumming championship 😐

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