Team America: World Police (2004)

Putting the “F” back in WTF!?!?!?

“South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone apply their acerbic wit to global crime-fighting in this musical satire about an all-marionette police force that takes on the challenging role of keeping peace on a troubled planet. Wherever there’s a dictator itching to rule the world, Team America flies in to dismantle the government. The team’s newest recruit is Gary Johnston, a Broadway star who just may have found his true calling.

Parker and Stone are literally considered two of the biggest a-holes ever. They basically offend anyone: blacks, whites, celebrities, politics, even Jews, considering that Matt Stone is Jewish.

This film totally makes a mockery of any famous person, and does a pretty damn good job with it too. I love tongue-in-cheek films and this one wasn’t any different. Mostly the jokes are satire pointed at the government and how we put ourselves in situations that we don’t even belong in. Also, the whole general concept is too make fun of the big-budget action pic, with its cheesy lines, predictable story turn-outs, and crappy actors. All of these provide laughs, as well the fact that there is obviously plenty of sex jokes, and the F-bomb being delivered.

I also found it to be quite annoying. I understood that the puppets aren’t to be taken seriously cause their funny-looking, but come on, you can only do so many jokes about how funny a puppet walks so much. It gets dull by the last act, and it seems like their trying a little bit too hard for the non-stop laughs, but in ways it works.

I will give the film one thing, and that it is smart. It doesn’t have a side (democratic or republican), and it doesn’t even mention the white-house, or the war on terrorism. Instead, it uses a smart-ass appeal to make fun of any popular figure, who takes any news story seriously. It mentions 9/11, but it doesn’t get too out-of-hand with offending too many Americans that will see this film.

There is also some funny ass moments with the music: such as songs like I’m So Ronery, or the constant action, and sexual things they show. However, it’s all puppets so it doesn’t make any difference. Unless, you are that revolted by two puppets doing it.

Consensus: The satire may get dull by the last act, but Team America: World Police is full of hilarious satire, witty writing, as well as a smart approach to the ideas approaching war, and its subjects.



  1. I haven’t seen this movie in probably 5 or 6 years, but I still sing the classics…


    “American F*** YEAH! Goin’ off to save the mother F*****g day!”

    And the Aids song.

    loved the movie. I need to buy it…

  2. While this is no Bigger, Longer, Uncut I still loved this to bits. First few watches are amazing and it’s got longevity but just isn’t as polished or original. The satire’s good, but it does run out of steam as you mentioned.


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