Fever Pitch (2005)

I never really cared for the Red Sox, but after watching this, I think I may start loving them.

Everything’s going great between baseball fanatic Ben (Jimmy Fallon) and his new girlfriend, Lindsay (Drew Barrymore). But when spring rolls around and baseball season begins, Ben’s overwhelming obsession with the Boston Red Sox threatens to destroy their relationship.

I’m not a huge baseball guy in all honesty, I’m more of a football and basketball guy, but I’m not obsessed with a certain team when it comes to me liking sports. But I know plenty of people that are die hard fans all the way, and since I’m from Philly, that means a whole lot.

The one thing that kind of had me worried about this film was that it’s directed by The Farrelly Brothers, who are basically known for films like There’s Something About Mary, Kingpin, and more, all that feature the signature gross-out humor their known for. And surprisingly there is no offensive or gross-out humor here, it’s all about being cute.

And cute is just exactly the right cord they hit here. The romance starts off slow and dull, then it becomes something bigger, and you believe it. There is also a lot of sports stuff here, and it’s really true to the point of how die hards act. But you can feel the love for sports in this movie, as well the excitement and craziness it brings to its fans.But it’s not just supporting the life of obsession to sports, it shows how it can sometimes destroy your personal life, and keep you sheltered off from the real world.

By watching the first 10 minutes of this film you can already tell where it’s going. It’s very predictable, and there is a little dry spot in the middle of the film that took a lot away from the film I thought. There were a couple of laughs here and there, but it was never too funny to the point of where I started cracking up non-stop.

Probably what elevates this whole movie is the leads. Jimmy Fallon is great here, he’s funny, cool, and overall believable. I believed him when he was in love, I believed him when he was trying to fall in love, I believed him as a sports, and a teacher, and everything about his performance is so natural. Drew Barrymore is also very good here as the woman, that can’t stand by forever and wait for the love of her life to eventually grow up and realize there’s more than just baseball. These two have good scenes together, and their love seems true. I wish there was more side characters in this film to give their perspectives on everything, as well as some other characters that weren’t quite as developed as others.

Consensus: Fever Pitch my be predictable, but it’s sweet, and charming much ado to the chemistry between Fallon and Barrymore.



  1. The movie is known as The Perfect Catch in most other countries. I agree its only worth a rental to be watched on lazy afternoons. Easily forgettable. I wonder how the English Fever Pitch is, considering its more faithful to the book.

  2. There are 3 guarantees in life — death, taxes and the fact that Drew Barrymore will never get an Oscar. This was cute, but silly which I guess is what they were going for. As a huge baseball fan I appeciated some of it, but not much to savor here.

  3. The movie may seem predictable, but in the script, the Sox were scheduled to lose in the end (I haven’t read the book. Did the soccer team lose?). The ending had to be changed when the Sox surprisingly won the Series during filming. I think they came back from 0-3 against the Yankees in the playoffs?

    I like the way the meaning of “pitch” changes with the change in country.

    Drew Barrymore may win an Oscar yet, as she ages. She shows some chops in Gray Gardens.

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