I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

I hope they don’t know what I did last summer. Or that’s a whole new type of horror story. Holla!

When some North Carolina teens flatten a stranger with their car, they leave him for dead and try to get on with their lives. He returns to give ’em, uh, the hook (literally) — the gore is leavened by some much-needed laughs. The well-known cast includes Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe.

This film is what you call your typical, run-by-the-numbers, slasher film. You got stupid teens, doing stupid things, and therefore, being killed for it. Doesn’t get much more complicated than that.

I wish this film was as intentionally laughable as it promised, cause in reality I didn’t find anything funny, other than the fact that this screenplay is just stupid as hell. First of all, the main killer in this film, is dressed up in a fisherman outfit, and kills you with a hook. Corny? I think so. Also, I couldn’t believe how this fisherman, would take the dead bodies, and get them out of where they were at that time, clean everything up, in a matter of 10 seconds without being seen. Like I understand it’s a horror film, and not all of them are believable, but at least give me a little something to believe.

The only thing that is enjoyable about this film is that it is a fun, and quick slasher pick. If you liked Scream, you’ll like this maybe, but I only liked the film when it was moving very fast-paced. Also, for an R rated slasher film, there wasn’t enough blood, especially when you got a guy killing people with hooks, so I think die hard horror fans, won’t be as happy when they see the deaths here.

The performances are basically whatever. Jennifer Love Hewitt is OK here, but she’s got a great scream, so I can’t lie about that. Ryan Phillipe is good as a total dick basically, Freddie Prinze Jr. sucks, probably because I still think of him as Fred, and Sarah Michelle Gellar is actually good. But all these characters, with the exception of one, we can’t really care about that much, so when one of them are killed, we just don’t care really.

Consensus: It has enough kills, jumps, and scares, to satisfy most horror fans, but is way too lauaghable with its overall premise, bad guy, and everything else.



  1. I cared for the characters because they looked attractive. THERE. 😉 I definitely liked it a lot more than you did. Like you said, it was fun. It wasn’t scary but it did have its jumpy moments.

    So what DID you do last summer? hahaha

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