Righteous Kill (2008)

Two of my favorite actors, together on-screen, for a full film, too bad this was the film it had to be.

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino drive this taut thriller as New York City detectives tasked with investigating a rash of vigilante killings that are linked to an old case, suggesting they might have put an innocent man behind bars.

Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, are two of my favorite actors working today, and it’s such a shame that they have never been able to share the screen together for a full movie. But it’s an even bigger shame they had to film in this shit.

The biggest problem with this movie is that its screenplay is just the same old shit really. You have seen this cop film before, it’s all by-the-numbers, and pretty generic, the new, cool thing about it though is that these two legends are in the starring roles, which in itself, is just a gimmick. This whole film basically is just an excuse for the big twist ending at the end, and although it’s OK to say the least, it just feels forced, and put out there to spice up the story.

It sucks too cause this film looked like it was going to be a fun, exciting, little crime mystery thriller, when in reality it’s dull for the whole film through. We are constantly stuck at random plot “happenings”, that don’t really seem to move the story forward, more just to rely on De Niro and Pacino for their acting skills. With this film it just does get taken over by big Hollywood productions taking two big stars like this, advertising it as something amazing, and just making this a total bore-fest of a film, with nothing new, or cool, to show for it.

Now on the other hand, the film may just be a gimmick to get these two together, but I will not lie, they both do very good jobs, probably cause their just basically playing themselves. Both have obvious great on-screen chemistry, and the scenes with them work mainly because they just have that screen presence that nobody can deny, and that’s probably the strength of this film. Donnie Wahlberg, and John Leguizamo also show up, and do good jobs here as well, but their roles are more made for the fact that they are a bar down from De Niro, and Pacino. Carla Gugigno is strong, but her character is very odd, and the “relationship” between her, and De Niro is kind of weird. Oh and let’s not forget to mention, 50 Cent is here too, and he does whatever he does.

Consensus: De Niro and Pacino do all they can with this material, but the can only do so much until they fall victim to a run-of-the-mill, dull, and disappointing thriller.



  1. I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said here. The Gugino character is just flat-out odd, and not in a good way. The relationship between her character and De Niro’s is awkwardly strange and that kind of diffuses the movie’s momentum because those scenes are just so, well, stupid.

    Still, there’s some good stuff between Pacino and Bobby D that’s hard to ignore. They’re like Coltrane and Miles Davis, only they’re playing with Justin Bieber.

  2. Can’t agree with you more, Dan. This was such a disappointing film that I think I stopped watching movies for a week afterwards to get the bad taste out of my mouth. I wanted to break something, I wanted to scream at the movie gods, “WHY?????”

    But it is what it is, forgettable, insulting, the kind of film that will end up in the bargain bin at Kmart or Walmart or Ross, maybe if you buy it at the local rental place you get a free tub of popcorn, extra butter.

    Oddly enough, I chose this film for a worst movie of all time list by http://www.fernbyfilms.com a month or so back. Since you hated the film I doubt there will be much insight there, but I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts on what I wrote – see how we agree (though most likely on everything) and how we might now. Give it a go when you can – cheers->


  3. You’re right. If it starred Eric Roberts and Dean Cain, it would have gone straight to dvd…. The script must have been in a drawer somewhere in the offices of Nu-Image and they re-wrote it for De Niro and Pacino.

  4. Arrrggghh! This was such a frustratingly medicore movie that left me heart broken. The coffee shop scene in heat provides more entertainment and tension than this.

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