The Tourist (2010)

Not as terrible as people say, just disappointing.

Watery Venice, Italy, provides the setting as Johnny Depp, playing an American tourist seeking solace for his shattered heart, instead finds it in danger again after encountering a beautiful Interpol agent (Angelina Jolie). Little does the Yank know that the artful lady has gone to great lengths to arrange their “chance” meeting and is using him to trap a thief who happens to be her ex-lover.

This film was all hyped up mainly due to the fact that it’s Depp and Jolie’s first pairing together. And for the most part, I think that’s really what this film was going for, and didn’t do so well with that.

I did like seeing these two together on screen. Johnny Depp plays the straight-man, but he doesn’t over do it, which I liked, because many stars try to do this performance right, and don’t make it very believable. He’s not a total bumbler, and plays this low-key, shy, subdued, and a little bit of a clumsy character very well. Angelina Jolie does what she does best here, which is walk around, looking like a sex-bomb. But that soon starts to become an annoyance, and I just wanted her to get a gun, or a personality to make her character more interesting at least. Paul Bettany is also in this, and does a good job as the main CIA agent.

The chemistry between these two is good, but soon by the middle part, you can start to see it fizzle. It’s pretty easy to see where the movie is headed, and it just becomes pretty predictable. It starts off as a nice little James Bond-like thriller, but then soon starts to turn into something generic. As well as the mystery aspect that this film was aiming for, just is such a bore.

However, this film does have some beautiful looking images of Venice, and it was nice to see the stars running all around it. The action was good, but it wasn’t always there, and that is what mainly disappointed me. I feel like if you don’t have that much action, than the character parts should be a lot more interesting, and that’s what this film didn’t really have.

Consensus: The Tourist may not be as exciting, or thrilling as you would want, but the stars keep this moving, along with some beautiful scenery of Venice, to make this some nice popcorn film fun.



  1. I respectfully disagree with you; this movie was crap. I’d enjoy it if it were a coffee table book of Venice with Angelina Jolie posing in gorgeous clothes. But as a movie, it’s DREADFUL.

  2. Even in the credits it looked like Jolie and Depp had zero chemistry. (Probably he didn’t want to get lumped in with all the other leading men who have fallen for her.) I think Jolie can act, but I hate her in these kinds of sexy action films. And this is beneath Depp. Way, way beneath him.

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