Top 10 of 2010

I’m not going to lie, but 2010 was a pretty good year film wise. Of course it started off pretty weak, got a little bit better in the summa time, and then come the fall to winter season, it was just simply bangin’! I had a great time with watching films this year, and these were probably my 10 favorite, even though I almost enjoy all visits. Don’t forget to click on the titles to get the full reviews.

P.S. Sorry that this is so so so late, I just needed more time to watch the very good movies of the year.


10. Shutter Island

A film everybody disliked because it wasn’t a masterpiece like everybody was expecting from Scorsese. Still very mind-boggling at times, and shows you that Scorsese really can do it all!

9. 127 Hours

One of the more entertaining films of the year, about a guy in a stuck between a rock. Never though Danny Boyle could have pulled it off, but he does, and with Franco there, it’s even better.

8. Buried

Much like 127 Hours, very entertaining even though it takes in one place. Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time, and proves that Reynolds could also be a force to reckoned with when it comes to dramatic acting.

7. The Town

Shows that Ben Affleck is not just a flash in the pan when it comes to directing. When it comes to the well-picked ensemble, and awesome heist scenes, this film is a reminder why “cat-and-mouse game” films are so fun to watch.

natalie6. Black Swan

Completely messes with your mind, mainly because of the tense direction from Darren Aronofsky. Also, Natalie Portman plus Mila Kunis lesbian action! What’s there not to enjoy.

5. Blue Valentine

Basically the total downer of the year, but Williams and Gosling make it worth your while. Definitely not the perfect date movie however.

4. The Fighter

One of the more entertaining times I had at the movies this year, mainly because this was my Christmas treat this year. But it’s the ensemble that shines, and Bale will hopefully finally get that Oscar he has deserved for a long time.

3. The Social Network

I know everybody will be shocked to see this isn’t my favorite of the year, but it still is an amazing film. Perfectly acted, directed, and written, and made me feel pretty guilty about using a site that has become second-nature to me.

2. Inception

One of the more original and thrilling films of the year, and proves that Christopher Nolan is one of the perfect minds in film right now. Also, one of my favorite posts of the year, as it was my most read, and I also had a great time writing it.

1. Toy Story 3

The only 10/10 this year, and down right deserves it too. It brought me back to the good old days of watching the first two, as well as playing with my toys, and those last 10 minutes had me crying like the big baby that I’am. Loved it so much, and will always keep a special place in my heart.

Other Films To Mention

Leaves of Grass

A film that not many liked, but I took it as what it was, and was totally surprised with everything I got. Deserves everybody’s attention, and has a hilarious double performance from Norton.

I Love You Phillip Morris

Should have been released like 5 years ago, but it came out this year, and was I ever so glad. Jim Carrey gives one of his best performances of his brilliant career.

Date Night
One of the bigger surprises of the year, and although not many others enjoyed it as much as I did, this still provided plenty of laughs I needed so early in a year like this.

Well everybody, that was my top 10 in the year of 2010. Some may hate me, some may love me after they read this list, but either way doesn’t matter to me because I still had a great time. I want to say thank you to all of you out there, who have always taken time out of your day to either comment or read my reviews. I know my writing may not be the best, and I know that I’m not the most coherent reader of all-time, I just enjoy writing, and watching. Thank you all for this year, and here’s hoping that 2011 is even better!

So long every0ne, and remember, always read and comment! Thank you!

Dan O.


  1. Glad to see some love for Shutter Island even Date Night. I thought both were highly underrated this year. Good list, though Blue Valentine about put me to sleep!

  2. Great to see Shutter Island appear on the list. It doesn’t seem to get as much love as some of the others but I thought it was a really good film. And a top notch performance from DiCaprio too.

  3. Rocking list, Dan! There are at least two — “I Love You Phillp Morris” and “Blue Valentine” that I didn’t get to see, but I expect I’ll like them. “Toy Story 3” came very close to making the list until I saw “Cairo Time.” I like that you included “Shutter Island.” It wasn’t perfect, but what it did it did with style and panache to spare. Plus, that’s Leo’s second strong performance this year.

  4. Nice top 10! Glad to see Shutter Island get some love and having seen Blue Valentine yesterday, I almost feel like I have to go back and modify my top 10 now ahah…

  5. I still need to see Buried, hopefully I will get to it in the next few weeks. I did not love The Town or Shutter Island as much as you did but I can see why they would make your top ten. Otherwise a pretty solid list.

  6. I expect Machete to stand the test of time. Just seemed like a lot more fun to watch a bunch of bad guys get cut up than to watch one couple break up. I haven’t checked the Oscar nominations, but if Piranha 3D doesn’t make it, I’m sure that Machete will

  7. Excellent choices , i do need to see 3-4 of those from the list.Fighter stars two great guys i still need to see it and its my top priority and so is blue valentine. I think despicable me and how to train your dragon may find a space in honourable mentions.

  8. Nice list! Still have to check out 127 Hours. What is your opinion on Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim, Pirahna 3-D or The Expendables? 4fun movies from 2010.

  9. It’s actually refreshing to see BURIED on here! It’s a strange choice, but the movie did have its thrilling moments. That snake! Eek!

    I’m somewhat reluctant to see “Leaves of Grass.” I feel like I’ve seen Norton play the same type of character more than I could count…

  10. I had to look up your list after seeing your comment on mine. Good stuff, man. I like that you included both Shutter Island (forgot about that one) and Buried. I am going to have to check out Leaves of Grass — that one kind of flew under the radar last year for sure.

    I agree with you about Date Night, too. It wasn’t anything “great”, but the cast made it so much fun to watch.

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