Takers (2010)

Your average heist film, with cooler people.

With their collective eye on a huge payoff, a motley crew of bank robbers (including Paul Walker, Michael Ealy, Chris Brown and Hayden Christensen) get busy planning out their next heist. Their former colleague, Ghost (T.I.), convinces the boys to target an armored car carrying $20 million. But a detective (Matt Dillon) who’s obsessed with his work is just as obsessed with making sure the thieves never pull off their scheme.

This is has been a film that for some reason I have wanted to see for so long, even despite it being terribly reviewed, and basically looking terrible from the start. But I’m actually surprised that I didn’t hate it like everyone else did.

I think the one reason many people had a problem with this movie, was because it wasn’t that original when it came to its plot. There are plenty of shades of other crime films in here such as Dog Day Afternoon, Heat, Point Break, and the list goes on and on, but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable. For me, I enjoyed this film mostly for it’s action scenes, and how they kept me watching. The action scenes are all filmed in a shaky-cam with very frenetic editing, that works well for this film because it keeps you in this very fast-paced setting. The stunts they use in this film are cool to look at, as well as the heist scenes cause you can tell they put a lot of effort into it.

A problem with this film is that it’s writing is not so good, as well as it’s story. There are obvious, and pretty cliche lines here that you will just sigh after hearing them here, cause you know you have heard them time and time again from other, and better films. There are also some laughable subplots here that involve a crooked cop, a couple that’s about to get married, and a really random one about a drug-addicted sister, do nothing but take away from the action, and focus more on the story which really wasn’t working out. Even though I could tell at times where this film was going, I still was on the edge of my seat, because by the end of the film it does become somewhat unpredictable.

Another problem with this film was that the characters are all pretty two-dimensional. Yeah, we kind of get to know them through their charms, and cool way of saying certain lines, but we never get to know each and every one to the point of where we’re cheering them on till the end. I liked the cast and how they got all these big-budget names and mixed them with some rappers, but they aren’t really put to good use except for a little bit of show.

For the most part, the cast does alright even though I do think some of them could have done better, if given a better script. Matt Dillon and Jay Hernandez who play the cops, are the two best here and play off each other very well. Idris Elba is also the one worth noting, since he takes a lot of his scenes and does a very good job with them, as I always expect from him. However, the rest of the cast doesn’t really do much, mainly because the script permits them from really doing anything. Chris Brown, Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen, Michael Ealy, and last, but certainly not least, T.I. Now let’s just savor for a moment that not only does this film have T.I. in this film, but he is the main reason why this story happens, and therefore he is in it a lot and a lot. I would not have a problem that he was in this a whole lot if he was actually good at what he did, but the fact is that he is so annoying here. I don’t know if it was his delivery, or the writing, or just his character, but I really wanted to kill T.I. in this film. Also, the beautiful Zoe Saldana is in this for a total of 10 minutes, while T.I. has half of the movie to himself. Congrats on a waste of talent!

Consensus: Many films are copied from in here, and the characters as well as script are cliche and lame, but the constant energy this film gives off, and some entertaining set pieces had me actually having a relatively good time with Takers. But as always, it could be better.



  1. It seems we have pretty much the same complaints. After all is said and done it just didn’t work for me. But I’ve got my own guilty pleasures, so I’m certainly not one to judge!

  2. Very good Review. Very Detailed too! You went deeper I did. LOL Thanks for checking out my Review of Takers and sharing you comments. We agreed on a lot of things with this movie. I still enjoyed it in the end though and they eye candy didn’t hurt. LOL. Thanks!

  3. Hey, 6/10, c’mon lol…Well maybe because I am TI and Idris Elba fan hardcore…but I think it was worth a decent 7.5. good review, you went in on the details. kudos.
    Oh yea, Michael Ealy and Chris Brown are my dudes too.

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