Bridesmaids (2011)

Not necessarily “the female Hangover”, but still funny altogether.

Named as her best friend’s maid of honor, down-on-her-luck Annie’s (Kristen Wiig) competition with a fellow bridesmaid, the wealthy and beautiful Helen (Rose Byrne), threatens to destroy the wedding. Meanwhile, a local cop takes a liking to Annie.

When this first came out, I didn’t want to see it at all probably because it looked like a straight-up chick flick, that I would probably get dragged to seeing with my lady. Although it took me over a month to check it out, I’m glad I actually did.

First things first, this film is funny. Not hilarious, not un-funny, just funny. I went in expecting some chuckles here and there, but I laughed a lot with this film because it’s dirty and witty which is very hard to find in any comedy today. Comedy, is usually a dude’s world, but it was cool to see some good humor come from the mouth of a lady, and be equally as funny as some other guy comedies that I’ve seen recently. I’m talking about you Hangover Part II.

My main problem with this film is that it is very uneven. The story structure here made this film just seem like a bunch of funny sketches, instead of a whole film and without those story elements in place, the story in my opinion just started to drag and drag. I mean the film is over 2 hours long and although I liked how they showed a lot of these characters for their imperfections and also tried to get a deep story out of this material, I just found myself checking my watch almost every 5 minutes waiting for this thing to actually wrap-up.

Kristen Wiig is always good in her little bit roles in films like Adventureland and Knocked Up, as well as her stint on SNL, but her leading role as Annie here wasn’t anything special which kind of disappointed me since I always laugh at her in anything she does. At any given moment, Wiig can be really really funny but at the end of the film I didn’t feel like she was one singular character, but more a series of sketch-roles. Despite that, Wiig is still funny but for this role she needed to be more of an actress to make us emotionally sympathize with her rather than just doing a bunch of wacky comedy.

The rest of the cast here is very good at everything they do. Maya Rudolph is putting on some big pounds, but is still good as the bride; Rose Byrne is perfect as the perfect and beautiful, other best-friend, Helen; Melissa McCarthy had me laughing my ass off just about every time she was on screen as Megan; and even though they don’t have too much to do Wendi McClendon-Covey and Ellie Kemper are good too. Jon Hamm is a total deucher in this film, but funny still as Wiig’s “eff-buddy”, and Chris O’Dowd is a delight to watch on-screen as Wiig’s other lover, Rhodes.

Consensus: Although it doesn’t work as a good structure for its story, Bridesmaids still has some very good performances from a very funny cast, that gives this material more laughing power, even when it does start to seem over-long.



  1. I didn’t like it – cliched and prolonged by about 25 minutes.

    Not to mention, not as funny as it could’ve been.

  2. your review is so much more in depth than mine, your analysis of the story is great! I have to disagree with your Kristen Wiig comment, because Annie kept me laughing for almost the entire movie and (from a girl’s point of view) she was quite relate-able, which I really take in to account when I’m looking at lead female roles. Awesome thoughts though (:

  3. I didn’t want to see it either, but great responses it’s been getting do make me look forward to its dvd release. Very interesting review, as you pointed out both pros and cons of the movie.

  4. I was quite surprised at just how much I ended up enjoying this film myself, Melissa McCarthy pretty much stole the show for me each time she was on screen, there was a bit of a sketch-like feeling at times most likely attributed to the writers’ pasts with SNL. Enjoyable nonetheless.

    • The sketchy feeling kind of bothered me but still enjoyable as a whole and McCarthy is just downright hilarious and steals about every scene.

  5. Unfortunately, this one hasn’t been released theatrically in my country, so I’ll have to wait a few more months to see it. It’s a pity, since it looks pretty solid and fun.

  6. i hated that stupid movie. it was a fucking girly chick flick. i will never watch that movie or any other girly chick flick again or even a dopey comedy like the hangover.

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