Midnight in Paris (2011)

After taking French for 2 years now, I finally have a reason to go and tour Paris. Thank you Woody!

Woody Allen focuses his lens on a young engaged couple (Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams) whose experiences traveling together in Paris make them begin to question the kind of life they want to live as a couple. There’s more to this plot, but I can’t tell you anymore I’m sad to say. You may just have to check it all out.

Woody Allen is one of my favorite writer and directors, and it’s just awesome to see him have a film come out during the big Summer blockbuster season and actually get this small film out there. You the man Woody!

My favorite thing about this film is just the overall delightful feeling which comes from Allen’s direction and writing. The first 5 minute silent sequence of Paris throughout a whole day is just beautiful and the way Allen films each little area of Paris is amazing. So basically right from the get-go, you get the total feeling that this is Woody Allen’s love-letter to the city of LOVE aka one of the most beautiful cities of the world. The whole film I just wanted to walk around Paris and every single place this film went made me feel so warm and cozy inside. I know that all may seem a little strange but Paris really is beautiful and the way Allen films it, almost makes it look even better.

The script by Allen is also something to praise as well. This is a very well-written script that features a lot of hilarious dialogue, as well as some nostalgia that will have you looking for your vintage vinyl players, and some insight to hit your brain also. Despite all the of the beautiful scenery here, the film is about living in the now and having a great time with what you have now, rather than just sitting back and brood on how the old days were so much better. It’s pretty funny hearing this message come from a guy who hasn’t put a single song in any of his films that have been after the year 1950, but with Woody, it’s still very relatable. Also, I was totally taken away with what happens to this premise. It really is awesome when you don’t really know what’s going to happen in a film before you see it.

The only real problem I had with this film was that I felt it was way too short and just happened very quickly. I guess I was just expecting more insight, and more plot development by the end of the film and with many of Allen’s films, I usually adore how he ends his films. Here, I didn’t really like the ending and I felt it was a little bit forced to bring out some more smiles for the people leaving the theater, which is not really a complaint, I just know that Woody almost always gets a great ending for whatever it is that he’s doing.

Owen Wilson is fantastic as Gil Penders, a screenplay writer who want’s something more. You would not really think of Wilson as a suitable Woody Allen stand-in because his persona is so easy-going, confident, and totally relaxed feel to him that it’s crazy to see how likable he is in this film. It’s been awhile since Wilson has got a good role lately but here he does a pretty stellar job at not at all phoning it in, and being believable when all this crazy ish is happening around him. Rachel McAdams is a total bitch as his fiancee Inez, but a good and hot one to say the least. The one thing about this film that also had me a little annoyed was how these two actually became so in love, in the first place since all they do here is basically argue and misunderstand one another. Inez treats Gil as a total moron and for me, I don’t care how fine the bitch is, if she’s disrespecting me, she is out the door. The rest of the cast is filled with some nice supporting performances/cameos from a couple of A-listers and up-and-comers, but when you see them, you’ll be totally surprised so I won’t say anything else.

Consensus: It may end very quickly than I expected, but Midnight in Paris is a charming and delightful comedy filled with beautiful images of the city of Paris, a great central performance from Owen Wilson, and an insightful script about living in the present, rather than harping on the past. You tell ’em Woody!



  1. I’m happy you enjoyed the film Dan … Certainly one of the best pictures of the year.

    Good review.

    By the way, first to comment … again … haha

  2. I think I will see this because I like the way Allen presents his films even if I don’t always agree with his approach to the subjects he deals with.

    • Allen is a director and writer that isn’t for everybody but if you can get by his approach sometimes, you’ll find yourself very entertained by what you see.

  3. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, even though it seems short. Everyone, including you, keeps saying that this film is “delightful”, and I tend to believe you all 🙂

  4. If it wasn’t for “The Tree of Life”, this would be my favorite film of 2011. I just love it so much. I would totally enjoy hanging out with those people and tell Michael Sheen’s character to know his role and SHUT HIS FUCKING PIE-HOLE!!! Man, that character was a douche but Sheen’s performance was so good that it was easy to hate that guy.

    And then, there’s the ladies. Oh, I would love to dance with Marion Cotillard, party with Alison Pill as Zelda Fitzgerald, go on a tour of Paris with Carla Bruni, and listen to Cole Porter with Lea Seydoux. And also hang with Adrien Brody as Dali talking about rhino tears, endlessly. It was funny, it was entertaining, and so gorgeous. Woody won me over again. I hope he can do another film like this or something as close. He got his mojo back.

  5. I agree with pretty much all of that!

    Woody Allen and Terrence Malick are teaching the youngsters how to do photographic montages without being boring.

    And Rachel McAdams’ being hot totally makes up for her being a bitch! We think alike, sir!

  6. Loved this! Went to see it twice in theater. Charming, whimsical and easily Woody Allen’s best movie in at least a decade. The script should merit Oscar consideration and so far this year, it looks like it has a decent shot at Best Picture.

      • Oscar doesn’t like Woody (because he’s a poor sport and won’t turn up) and I really hope that this isn’t one of the best ten films of the year.

        I liked it and all, I just hope/think there will be better.

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  8. Loved this movie. Seeing F Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemmingway come to life brought a big smile to my face. Never really liked Woody Allen films but this was just such a great simple film. The Ensemble is great and the casting is nearly flawless. Loved the 500 days of summer ending as well even if it is a little self indulgent. Great review!

  9. Midnight in Paris was easily one of my favorite films of the year. I think Woody Allen did a fantastic job with the script and I loved how beautiful Paris was in it. I was also impressed to see Owen Wilson dipping his toes in a new place and playing this great role. I really agreed with just about everything you had to say in your review, although I personally enjoyed the ending and was OK with the length of the film. It very much fit Allen’s bill of delightful and sweet.

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