Transformers (2007)

Or, as I like to call it, “GIANT ROBOTS TEARIN’ UP SHIT!”

This film finds the planet Cybertron inhabitants engaging in a secret war for control of Earth’s natural resources, which they desperately need for fuel. But much of the action centers on young Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf), an unlikely hero whose first car turns out to be an Autobot and helps him win over his dream girl (Megan Fox).

There’s a little story somewhere in this film, with characters but you know coming into this film that’s not what you want. You want action, and you want it now! Michael Bay knows it too.

Bay is the absolute king at burning off people’s brain cells over the course of two hours, and he does not back down once from showing of his “art” in this film. Bay knows how to film action and make some incredibly awesome-looking action scenes while being able to actually tell what’s going on. Even while staring deeply at the screen it’s impossible to see how the cars become robots and vice versa. It’s exactly as fast and as confusing as it should and would be. This is Bay in top form and I won’t go as far as to say that this is a master-piece by any stretch of the imagination, but Bay does a stellar job here and makes this film totally entertaining.

This is also incredibly funny and silly with good reason because it’s not really trying to be anything else. I actually caught myself laughing a lot at this material, and not your typical bad action-humor, it’s the humor that will actually have you laughing and wondering was that supposed to be funny. There are also some nice in-jokes for the fans.

It’s crazy that this was adapted from a bunch of action figures and people who grew up in the 80’s will probably get that nostalgia appeal and even for me, who wasn’t a really big fan of Transformers found this actually really fun and cool. The problem with this film is that I could see a lot of people hating this because it’s nothing more than just a loud and insane action film. Also, it’s probably about an hour too long. I liked the whole epic last 30 minutes but the film goes on a bit way too long and the story kind of drags a bit.

The human parts in this film, as well as the story, are kind of weak but I still didn’t mind them as much. Shia LaBeouf is good as the nerdy but funny Sam Witwicky and contributes a lot to the character’s key likability; Megan Fox is just there to look sexy and that’s fine; Josh Duhamel does that tough llok on his face a lot the whole film, but he’s not so bad either. The rest of the supporting cast is pretty good too with the likes of Anthony Anderson, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro, Jon Voight, and the comedic legend that is, Bernie Mac. Good cast, even though the story isn’t really too dependent on them after all.

Consensus: Though it may be too loud and noisy for some viewers, Transformers is a Michael Bay action show with fireworks, robots fighting robots, shooting, exploding, running, chasing, hitting, special effects all-over-the-place, and everything a good action film needs to keep everybody entertained even if you aren’t a huge fan of the original material.



  1. I’m not a fan of Michael Bay. In fact, I loathe Michael Bay. While I think he’s made a couple of decent movies in “Bad Boys” and “The Rock”, everything else after that is fucking shit. Yet, “Transformers” is somewhat his most watchable film since “The Rock” and that’s not saying much. Still, I think it’s a really bad film.

  2. Compared to the second one, the first movie would merit Oscar consideration 😉 I quite liked this movie and even went to see it twice (I don’t know what I was thinking…)

  3. I saw Transformers twice too. *Shakes Head* I enjoyed it, despite also loathing Bay. The second film is one of the worst films of all time, hence my refusal to see ‘Dark of the Moon’.

  4. I’m sorry, just can’t handle this film. I watched an hour of this picture … and I just thought … “Why don’t I just quit?”.

    Seriously, I’ve been invited to attend the “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” on Monday … Which could’ve been acceptable if they added the Side and Pink Floyd – But I’m questioning whether or not I should skip a screening for the first time.

      • Ok, maybe I was exaggerating… but I do love both movies. If the first one is a 10, then the second one is probably a 9… I own both movies on DVD and Blu-ray and have watched them thousands of times! Transformers is my Star Wars 😀

  5. Hated the sequel but really enjoyed this one. Funny when it needs to be, great special-effects and action sequences. Good review Dan.

  6. I have a friend who hates Transformers because it doesn’t have a story, but I really agree with the argument of why does it have to? I watch it for awesome robot battles and that’s what I get. Revenge brought the same enjoyment, though it did have it’s disappointments.

    I’m very much looking forward to seeing Dark of the Moon in IMAX, especially with all the claims of Bay recognizing the faults of Fallen and fixing them. It should be another loud, explosion-filled, and really cool end to a trilogy.

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