Black Dynamite (2009)

If only Black Dynamite was real. Then there would be no smack on the streets at all. Oh no then I would be out of business. Never mind, glad he’s not real.

Black Dynamite (Michael Jai White) is the only one strong enough and brave enough to take on the baddies who murdered his brother. What’s the former CIA agent to do? Expose a conspiracy that leads straight to the White House.

If you remember watching blaxploitation heroes like John Shaft or Pam Grier back in the day, then this is the film for you! And even if you don’t know who they are and just had to Wikipedia those two names, this still may be for you!

The real reason this film works so well is because this film knows what it is, and is not trying to be anything that it isn’t, which is always a joy. Writer/director Scott Sanders obviously has a love for all of these flicks that he has seen in the past and creates so many random moments of total absurdity that you just can’t help but laugh your ass off at. The film practically is making fun of itself but thus, creating more and more jokes and gags as the film goes along which kept me howling away.

Sanders also does a great job with paying an homage to the look of these “undercover brother” flicks. There are scenes that don’t seem meant to be in here, the grainy look, the corny porno-like music, the really cheesy lines that are delivered in such a cheesy way the actors themselves can’t even believe it, and the fact that everybody here is doing this all so seriously. That all adds to a lot of the fun and I wish I could say more about this film without giving too much away but I just can’t honestly.

My main problem with this film is that it does have good jokes but it runs on way too long, even with a time-limit of 1 hour and 24 minutes. As it went on, I didn’t really find myself laughing as much as I did before and the jokes sort of wear thin, but to say the least I laughed. Also, this may not be for everyone but I’m thinking already by looking at that poster, it’s a given.

Michael Jai White is freakin’ awesome as Black Dynamite, the coolest mutha…watch yo mouth! White is hamming it up here a lot as the coolest and most pimpest Black Man ever, but also looks the part because his fight scenes are well-choreographed and this dude just looks like he could kick your ass with his left nipple. He’s also a black-belt in real life so that’s why I’m going to just watch what I say, hoping he doesn’t find me. There’s also a bunch of random cameos from other black actors that you’ll notice but I can’t remember too much of them now.

Consensus: Black Dynamite may have jokes that run on too long, but the jokes are still hilarious, and work so well with this parody/homage to the 1970s blaxsploitation movies because it never takes itself too seriously and always is moving at a rapid pace.



  1. speaking about Netflix Dan O…….this one has been in my queue for a while now. I need to catch up as you’re not the first one to recommend this to me.

  2. “Ha-ha! I threw that shit before I walked in the room! ”

    Hilarious movie! It does get a bit repetitive and redundant after about an hour though. Thankfully, they realize that and wrap it up quickly.

  3. great review man!

    michael jai white was great as spawn and even better as black dynamite. i hear there is supposed to be an animated series on adult swim this coming year. hopefully it’ll be just as awesome!!!!

    think i’m about to go watch this again

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