Top 10 of 2011

Howdy everybody! Sorry that it took me forever to get this list up and running but for some reason, I just have been so lazy that I keep on forgetting. Anywho, 2011 was a pretty solid none the less and I saw so many damn films. Of course, some were better than others but if I have to give my final consensus on the year of 2011, I would have to say “nice”. Now, onto the list:

10. We Need to Talk About Kevin

A flick that’s very hard to watch at times and provided me with the scary fact that I could be sitting right next to a kid that’s like Kevin everyday in class, and just not know it. Also showed me that Tilda Swinton is a great actress and not just one-note.

9. Shame

Definitely one of the more controversial films of the year and with good reason. The sex scenes stay in your mind forever, Fassbender lets all hang-out (in more ways than one), and it also marks my first NC-17 viewing.

8. Super 8

My first 9/10 for the year and definitely one of the better Summer blockbusters I saw all year. Brought me back to the good old days and made me happy to say that I could definitely see a younger version of myself in the fat kid. He was awesome.

7. The Muppets

One of the better comedies of the year without ever being mean, insulting, or dirty in any way. Also made me realize how much I missed these guys and also that Chris Cooper can sure as hell rap.

6. Take Shelter

A film that took a premise that is pretty simple, and made it even more tense, mysterious, and a hell of a lot more realistic than I could ever imagine. I also hope that this makes Michael Shannon one step closer to being a house-hold name because he definitely gives one of the better performances of the year.

5. Bellflower

Really impressive debut that shows you can still make a great flick, even if you aren’t backed by any any major studio from Hollywood, which in turn, made me realize that maybe I could make my own flick with my buds but maybe not as effed up as this one.

4. I Saw the Devil

Tense from start to finish, awesome action sequences, and a story that just got better and better with every twist it threw in there. In short: Koreans are some effed up people.

3. Young Adult

Really surprised by how much I liked this because Mavis Gary was a total bitch but somehow Charlize Theron made me sympathize with her. It was also great to see that Diablo Cody could actually make a script without using lingo like “WTF” or other hip lingo.

2. The Tree of Life

Terrence Malick took forever to get this flick done and with good reason because it’s one of his best that brought me along with the emotional story and the beautiful images he always supplies. Still had no idea what were with those dinosaurs though.

1. 50/50

The one film that made me laugh, feel emotional, and tear up like a little girl during the last 10 minutes. Definitely my favorite flick of the year without a doubt and it’s a shame that this didn’t get a single Oscar but when I think about it, it doesn’t matter because everybody because these are also the same dudes who nominated ‘Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close’ for Best Picture. Dumb asses.


  1. Good list. Especially for choosing 50/50 as your #1 pick. Although I released an unofficial list last month. I’m still trying to catch up on 2011 releases that I’ve missed. So far, I have 32 films in that list to make a more definitive list of 50 films.

  2. Interesting list, VERY different to many others I’ve seen. Strange to see no Drive, great to see 50/50 in there and even more excited to see I Saw the Devil and Bellflower now!

  3. Sweet, we have the same #1 on our lists. And I also had Tree of Life high on mine as well.
    I’ve heard good things about Bellflower and Take Shelter, both of which seem interesting. Super 8 was good, but didn’t quite make the cut on my list.

  4. Excellent List, Dan. Really like the diversity of it, as well as seeing Super 8 make the list. Of course, the one I’m in biggest support of is your number 1, 50/50. What a great film, and what a disappointment for it not to receive any kind of credit at the upcoming Oscars. You should check out my list as well! 50/50 definitely made my list (definitely my FAVORITES list instead of my BEST list):

  5. Nice top 10 Dan. I saw Young Adult recently and found it to be very interesting despite the unlikeable protagonist and odd ending. I definitely have to check out Bellflower and We Need to Talk About Kevin.

  6. Still have not seen Young Adult and The Muppets, but these are great choices (although I wasn’t a fan of Tree of Life, but can understand why you have picked it)

  7. Great list – there’s loads on there I haven’t seen and will be soon. Hate the worldwide distribution of films being so all over the place!

    Love that 50/50 was your number one choice – it’s an excellent film with so much heart and humour!

  8. I was surprised at how much we really liked Super 8 after seeing a lot of negative talk about it. Glad to see it on your list.

  9. Some might say 50/50 for the top slot is a gutsy pick but I absolutely loved it. Don’t know if I’d make it #1 (my list is coming out soon) but it’s great that you have some not-so-obvious choices.

  10. I’m a bit surprised by your list. There’s an interesting mixture of films from various genres and very very different from each other. Even though 50/50 was pretty enjoyable, I did not find it as great as you did. I’m glad, however, to see some recognition come in the way of Super 8 which has been largely overlooked by fellow bloggers and the award ceremonies. Very well made and enjoyable film from the great mind of J.J. Abrams and Spielberg as producer.


  11. I haven’t done my Top 10 yet either – because I am still trying to see 2011 films. (I’ve seen only three of the films on your list, for instance.) I will likely post mine just before the Oscars.

    Of the ones on your list I have seen, Super 8 surprises me the most. I found most of the kids annoying and the mishmash of scenes from various Spielberg films just reminded me that Spielberg did them better. Now I didn’t dislike the film; I just didn’t think it was all that great, either.

    My top 3 (in a still to be determined order) are The Artist, Hugo, and Midnight in Paris.

  12. Loved Super 8 and The Muppets. Muppets wasn’t as great as some of the past ones (like Treasure Island), but it was a solid revival. Still need to see a lot of these. Tree of Life was a bit too out there for me. 50/50 was great. I got to interview Seth Rogen and Will Reiser the writer. If you haven’t seen my interview definitely check it out.

    Funny story about Bellflower. I haven’t seen the movie but I met the director. He was standing around with other people I knew and he looked at me like I should introduce myself. So I said, “Evan,” as I shook is hand. He just stared at me for a moment until he realized that I had the same name as him haha.

  13. Really great list, have not seen all of them, but i am working on that (The Tree of Life I am most eager to see). I made my list, and if I see a good movie form 2011 I can kick one off. But for now I wanted to but one up because I have seen a good amount from last year. You can check out my best of 2011 if you want. It’s a page, not a post, so just look up as soon as you go to my blog. Great list, again.

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