Jackass: The Movie (2002)

Hey, they may be mentally challenged by now but they still are richer than you or I will ever be.

‘Jackass: The Movie’ is basically all of the stunts that these bunch of dickwads used to do on their show, except now they have a bigger budget, more exposure, and more freedom to do whatever the hell it is they want. Their pain is our enjoyment, and it is totally awesome.

Whenever I was little and would hang out with my sissy, she would always somehow have this on the tube and I could not help but watch. I always remember just watching these dudes do some incredibly crazy shit like throw a blue ball around a circle of dudes in their undies, trying to all hit their balls or beat the shit out of each other in a grocery store. Oh, the sweet sweet memories.

I can easily this stuff isn’t for everyone, especially the older and more sophisticated crowd, but sometimes you can’t go wrong with how these guys are. It’s funny when somebody gets hurt, on purpose or by accident, until that person is in a coma and not even breathing. Still though, watching a dude get hit it the nuts with a basketball is still pretty funny. Come on, who doesn’t appreciate a nice little nut-shot every once and awhile.

Everything they do here is all pretty funny and very disgusting but it’s a lot better because they are able to do more things, since it is a movie now. Since they don’t have the TV censors anymore, they can practically do anything they want like a dude stick a car up his bootie-hole, or put a muscle stimulator on their gooches. It’s dirty and gross but it’s incredibly hilarious to watch. But there are some other stunts where they guys are just walking around some place and effin’ with all of the people around them and they are probably the funniest things in the film.

My only down-fall with this film is that I have honestly seen this film about 20 times, on TV or actual movie, but it starts to get a little old after seeing it so many times. I watched this by myself after finding it somewhere in my DVD cabinet, but probably watching it with friends is a lot better then just sitting there watching this for the hundredth time. Don’t get me wrong, I always have fun watching this film or any of these dudes’ shenanigans, it just doesn’t really hold you over when you watched it more times than you can count.

I think what is the best part about this film is how much of a simple and genius idea it actually was. There’s no such thing as a script, no such thing as acting, and there’s nothing you can actually judge this film on other then whether or not it’s actually funny, which I can assure you it is. But the real “art” to ‘Jackass’, if there ever was one, is the fact that anybody could have went out there and punched themselves in the face or get run over a bike, however, these guys actually did that and made a movie, therefore, making tons and tons of money. These guys were sort of the first people to ever bring something like this to the movie theaters and it works incredibly well because it just shows you how the times are changing and people just like to see other people getting hurt. It was a million dollar idea and that’s why Bam, Johnny, Steve-O, Pontius, and all of the others are living in their huge mansions probably swimming in dolla’ billz. Lucky bastards.

Consensus: Jackass: The Movie is not for every one, but the people who it is for will always laugh their ass off at all of the stunts, no matter how crude, rude, sick, or disgusting they may be.


Fun Fact: The golf course that they destroy in this film is actually about 5 minutes away from me, and I went there about a month before these dudes came in and knocked it down. Assholes.


  1. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Jackass boys. I think the thing that makes it work is you can tell these guys really love each other. If any of these stunts were done with malicious intent, I think it would be unwatchable.

  2. You know, those Jackass boys know how to have fun. Well, a sort of fun. The amount of pranks they play on each other and forgive each other!

    I don’t mind a bit of Jackass. I like the physical stuff, falling, jumping, attempts at flying, etc. The gross stuff… I just can’t look or listen to anything that involves bodily fluids. I’m not squeemish, but that really gets under my skin!

  3. I’ve always enjoyed the goofier pranks over the gross ones that they do. Lighting the fireworks in the in poor Phil Margera’s bedroom cracks me up every time. I’ve found with these movies I have more fun jumping around to the clips I like than trying to sit down and watch it from start to finish. Keeps it from getting old.

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