Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

Snow White’s about to kill a bitch.

In this adaptation of the classic fairy tale, Kristen Stewart stars as Snow White, the young woman destined to become the fairest maiden in the land. Threatened by that fact, the Evil Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) sets out to destroy her but she is unaware that Snow White is training in the art of war with a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) who was originally dispatched to kill her.

After seeing Mirror Mirror, the other Snow White adaptation that was pretty bad, I didn’t fully understand as to why we needed two movies of the same story. Actually, I still don’t but I can at least tell you which adaptation is a lot better than the other.

Any parent who’s thinking about bringing their kid to a Snow White movie can scratch that thought, because this movie definitely isn’t your normal fairy-tale you bring the whole family to. Most of that can be credited to director Rupert Sanders, who’s directing his first feature and gives this flick a very a dark and grim fantasy adventure, that makes it seem like the story of Snow White was mixed around with Lord of the Rings and a Game of Thrones episode. Sanders does a good job here with everything he’s given and takes his time setting up the story nicely, to keep a certain type of tense feeling going on throughout the whole movie. We all know how this story begins, gets going, and eventually ends, but Sanders kept me guessing somehow because he just seemed like a dude that would pull out something new or cool to add to this story and keep us entertained.

Sanders is also a great visual director and although I wouldn’t say he is as good as Mirror Mirror‘s Tarsem Singh, I would still have to say that he does a fine job with all of the beautiful visuals he throws at us here. The film’s tone is not only dark, but so is the rest of film so whenever color does come into play here, it looks gorgeous and is definitely something for us to marvel. There’s one scene in particular where Snow White goes into this very magical, dream-like forest called “Fairy Land”, where all of these purrty colors keep on flying around and almost makes you feel like you are there too. What’s even better is that it’s all in 2D and it still made me feel like I could just reach up and touch those little fairies. But hey, any macho dude reading this review thinking that those are the only things in this film that look good, can be sadly mistaken because there are some cool shots of a battle where the soldiers end up being broken into glass, another forest that has a lot of cool booby-traps that make you instantly high (or something like that), and even a nice shot of Ms. Theron getting nakey, and dipping herself in milk (or something like that). Trust me dudes, no T&A, but it will still hold you over if you can’t handle all of the fairy tale junk. Then again, why would any “real dude” be going out to see this one?

If there was a problem with this flick, it was that I felt it started to lose focus by the end and was losing my interest. Once the Huntsman is in the story, and the dwarves have been introduced, the film gets ready for the big, epic brawl between Snow White, The Huntsman, and their gang vs. Queen Ravenna, her crows that she ends up turning into, and her gang. You would think that since this movie is over 2 hours long, that there would be a butt-load of tension to make this battle go off the chain, but sadly, it didn’t really do much for me since I think they started to focus on too many other subplots. Actually, they didn’t even focus on Ravenna as much as I think they should have because every time she was actually on, you could feel like this movie was going to just lead-up to her final fight with White, which it did, but it just didn’t have me at hello like I was expecting. Maybe it’s just me though, and maybe I didn’t want a 2 hour long Snow White movie. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

What I can say about Ravenna, is that Charlize Theron was a perfect choice for her and seems like she’s having the absolute time of her life just chewing up the scenery here as our mean and evil queen. A lot of people said that they thought Theron was over-acting with this role, but what I think she is doing here is quite perfect considering this chick hasn’t ever really played a villain before (or at least one that we didn’t root for). She’s beautiful, we all know that, but I think Sanders saw that beauty in her the most and gives her some very beautiful scenes where it’s just her looking like an evil, but beautiful queen bitch that you definitely don’t want to piss off.

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart does an OK job as Snow White because she doesn’t really step outside of her comfort zones that we have all seen her play time and time again. She does have a lot more to work with here than she does in those Twilight pieces of shit, but she doesn’t really say or do much that makes us cheer her on the most out of everybody. In fact, the one I was cheering on the most was probably Chris Hemsworth as The Huntsman, who in the past two years after such flicks like Thor, The Cabin in the Woods, and The Avengers, has proven to be a real talent. Hemsworth not only looks the part, with the scruffy beard and grungy-type hair and everything, but also sounds like a guy that would absolutely beat your ass if it came down to you or him to survive. Can’t wait to see what this guy pulls out next.

Let me also not forget to the mention the dwarves that are pretty fun to watch here, but aren’t given as much as they are in Mirror Mirror. It was pretty impressive to see actors like Ian McShane, Nick Frost, Ray Winstone, and Toby Jones being shrunk down to dwarf-size, but they come into the story a little too late for my liking and bring a bunch of humor that doesn’t seem to fit in so well with the rest of the flick. Still, they all do great jobs and I kept on wondering just how Sanders pulled off making all of these regular-sized peeps, seem so small. Maybe I did that a little too much, but at least it kept me watching.

Consensus: Snow White and the Huntsman may run on a little too long, but still features plenty of fun with its darkly epic direction from newbie Rupert Sanders, and a slew of fun performances, especially one from Theron who just seems like she’s having a ball. As she should.



  1. Good review dude, I agree that is isn’t for children lol When I went to see it some woman brought her 7 year old daughter. All she did was ask questions and say she was scared through the whole thing lol

  2. I think you liked this movie more than I did. First-time director Rupert Sanders shows promise for sure, but I thought this movie was plagued by bad acting , and more walking than action. Theron seems like she’s been attending the Al Pacino school of acting where yelling is supposed to indicate emotion. Hemsworth was good and even though they picked a fantastic group of actors to play the dwarves, I was disappointed they didn’t use actual little people like in “Time Bandits.”

      • I liked the performances and I thought the dwarves were a little distracting, but I still had a good time. I’ll admit that it definitely did have its problems here and there.

  3. This was a very uneven film for me, parts I liked a lot and others I hated. The final battle was quite a letdown, far from being epic.

    • I was surprised by that last bit here not having any real tension. Seemed strange, and I wish this film did a lot more good things. But I still enjoyed it.

  4. Great review! I’m glad you liked the movie, I can’t wait to see it – the visual side looks absolutely gorgeous and Theron seems to be delivering great work here.

  5. I can’t wait to see this! I figured it would be a bit uneven and more visually stunning than anything else but sometimes that’s all you need. 🙂

  6. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Not me. One of the biggest disappointments of this year. There’s a million things wrong with this film, but I’ll leave you with this: Any mirror that thinks Kristen Stewart is the fairest of them all, especially with Charlize in the room, is obviously cracked.

  7. I just saw the film loved it but def bit old for young kids but does anyone no the name of the song at the end credits I loved the song but didn’t think to shazham it

      • Holly, It’s Breath of Life by Florence and The Machine!! Also if you liked the music in this movie you’ll love the soundtrack to Parker Posey’s new movie coming out this month “The Love Guide”

  8. I’m afraid I just trashed it giving it 4/10 in my review. There were just so many visuals in the enchanted and dark forest that it was to me in great excess as if saying “look how clever we all with all these things flittering around”. I ahted the breaking shards effects, it made no sense to me. At least the overdone monsters fit the script. The shard things seemed like out a Transformers movie. As for the violence I say less graphic in Gangs of New York! Not for kids. I missed Mirror, Mirror. Not sure if thats a good thing.

  9. Just saw it today. I think you’re pretty much right about the movie. There seemed to be a lot of LOTR influences, including the too much walking bit.

    They do a good job of setting some things up, like Ravenna’s backstory, but they never explain it. I feel like they just could have done so much more with that character and some other spots as well (like the fairies). Instead it’s mostly two hours of walking. I was just ready for the whole thing to get over with, but it wasn’t bad, I was mostly disappointed.

    • Yeah, they could have done a bit more development but that’s not what bothered me so much. The story was just lacking something. Thanks Nic!

  10. Thanks for commenting on my review. I loved the darker tone of this movie. And the visuals were stunning. I seem to have disliked Kristen Stewart in this film more than you did, but I completely agree about Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth. I thought it was a really interesting choice that they eliminated Prince Charming. I guess it was just another way they stepped away from the fairytale. Great review!

  11. What’s with all the “real dude” talk here? That’s not what I was expecting when I was expecting…it’s a diva-versus-diva show, I suppose, but it transcends gender (stereotypes).

  12. You liked this a lot more than I did. I’d go maybe a four on it, but that’s it. I’ve got to disagree on Theron. I felt she was mailing it in and substituting volume for acting.

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