The Hangover Part III (2013)

What happens in Vegas, should always stay in Vegas. This included.

Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifiankis), and yes, even Doug (Justin Bartha) reunite for one last adventure in Vegas. However, it isn’t the type of fun-filled adventure they expected to begin with. Rather than living up the night with drugs, sex, booze, women, and Mike Tyson’s tiger, Doug gets kidnapped from a powerful drug-dealer (John Goodman), who wants one thing and one thing only in return: Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong).

The first Hangover, as we all know, was a smash-hit. It was funny, broke box-office records, and even won the Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy (against (500) Days of Summer, which still, to this day, is bullshit). So, obviously, it seems like the next, big step for the franchise would be to have a sequel that not only capitalized on the first one’s charm, but enhanced it in a way as well. By the word “enhance”, I mean to just substitute certain aspects of the story out, for other parts like a brother-in-law nobody gives a shit about, for a hubby-to-be that’s Justin Bartha. Yup, I am indeed talking about the second movie that not only pissed off critics, but pissed off audiences as well. Apparently, it didn’t piss them off enough considering that the movie still kicked ass at the box-office and assured that yes: there would be a third, and final one, whether or not anybody actually wanted it.

This is what we have here ending the series, and that’s some joyous news. The movie’s not the joyous news, the fact that it’s the last one in the franchise is the joyous news.

I guess Doug was granted "hanging out with the guys" privileges. Then, killed off several seconds later...
I guess Doug was granted “hanging out with the guys” privileges. Then, killed off several seconds later…

Before I get any further into the nuts and bolts of this movie, I’m just going to put it plain and simple: the movie is just not funny. Yes, the occasional chuckle occurred here and there, but other than half-a-handful of times, nothing really made me laugh, smile, or happy that I was watching these guys go out with a bang. Instead, all I got was a movie that tried to recycle the same old jokes from the first two, and if they didn’t bother doing that; they didn’t even try to be funny. Todd Phillips and the rest of his crew obviously seem to love these characters and all that they go through more than us, so rather than letting them do what makes us love them so much in the first place (be funny), he steps in the way, puts a way-too complicated plot in place, and knocks down any chance for a hilarious moment to occur.

I get that this is the last movie in the series and that Phillips wants to end on a high-note that has us remember these characters for all that they are and what they were, but he tries way too much by just adding lame-ass drama. Lame-ass drama that, by the way, totally brings down the energy and the tone of the movie, giving us a movie that doesn’t know whether or not it wants to be a comedy with streaks of dark, or a drama, with streaks of dark comedy. It ends up being neither, and watching it be slapped back-and-forth by what it wants to be and accomplish, just is not entertaining to watch, no matter how much plot or story Phillips wants to add on. Not even his trademark cameo can make this movie worth watching. In fact, it’s the exact opposite as it seems like the dude was just trying to pull-out any stop that he could, and seemed to fail at doing so.

That’s the real problem with this movie, other than not being funny: it tries ridiculously hard and does not work a bit. There comes a point where you really feel as if this movie is going to take the high-road, hit us with a genius situation that not only makes us laugh, but understand why we love the Wolf Pack for all that they were in the first movie, but we never get that. However, what we do get is a bunch of dudes that bicker about random shit that’s better left unsaid or not acknowledged in any way, running errand-to-errand, and switching more cars than a South Street hooker. None of this is funny to watch, even if Phillips and his crew seem to set these guys up for moments of pure-hilarity, only to have the mark missed and fall right on their toes, without them knowing what the hell to do.

And shame on Todd Phillips for not knowing what to do with these three guys, because if anything, they were the only ones saving that last train-wreck from collapsing to it’s painful, memorable death. In fact, while I’m at it, shame on Todd Phillips for not being able to take advantage of the cast and crew he was able to get back to return for this (hopefully) last installment. You got Mike Epps as Black Doug, Heather Graham as the hooker-wife of Stu/mother of “Carlos”, and even newcomers like John Goodman and Melissa McCarth. All can be funny as hell when they are allowed to go bonkers, but just get held-back by a script/direction that doesn’t seem all too concerned with them. Hell, it doesn’t even seem all that concerned with the Wolf Pack, and instead, diverts most of it’s attention to Mr. Chow!

Listen here, Mr. Chow was a pretty funny-ass character in the first movie because he showed up every once and awhile, did his goofy-Chinese thang, showed his weenie, simulated ejaculating all over people, and let it be left at that. However, this whole movie seems to not only include that, but more and more of it, which is not only unneeded, but it’s stupid because the movie is more of his, rather than the dudes who started the franchise in the first place. It isn’t like Ken Jeong isn’t capable of playing this character well, it’s just that the character has been played-out beyond belief by now, even though nobody working on the film seems to realize that after the first ten times they show him up on-screen. Seriously, this movie could have been without Bradley, Ed, and Zach, and nobody would have noticed. It’s basically Chow’s show from beginning-to-end, and it’s never funny to sit around and view.

It's funny because he's just a little Asian dude acting like a sheriff!!!
It’s funny because he’s just a little Asian dude acting like a sheriff!!!

It’s a real shame too, because Bradley, Ed, and Zach still seem to have some sort of dynamic between one another that would be perfect for a movie that cared more about them, but that’s not this movie. Here, they are given the boot to the side, just so Chow can say dirty and inappropriate things in a “funny” Chinese-accent. Individually, they all seem fine, but it also feels like a lost cause since they aren’t given many chances to be funny or pal-around with one another. They’re pretty much serious the whole time and it never seem to end, even if this is the shortest out of the whole franchise (hour and 40 minutes).

Bradley seems like he’s bored with the material and knows that he’s got better shit coming his way; Ed just looks nervous and awkward the whole movie, and occasionally yells for shits and gigs (because you know, yelling for the sake of yelling is hillurious!); and Zach is just being himself, but it isn’t funny. It’s more random this time around where it seems like Philips gave him the cue to just improv his ass off, which is hit or miss if you’re familiar with his stand-up. Sometimes it hits so hard that you can’t believe you’re laughing as much as you are, and sometimes it misses so bad and noticeably, you wonder if anybody even paid attention in the editing-room.

It’s obvious that nobody did, and were more concerned with getting this movie out there for all to see, hopefully spend a shit-load of money on, and give them the possibility of another sequel down the pipe-line. But since everybody involved seems to be considering it “the last”, lets hope that they stick to their word and allow it to truly be the last. If not, I think I’m going to have to burn my Carlos T-shirt up at the next, local bonfire.

Consensus: If you were there for this franchise when it took an odd-turn for the second movie and stood by it, then the Hangover Part III might just be the perfect good-by you need to calm all of your wonders and nerves down for good, but if you didn’t care for the second one at all: don’t even bother. All of the charm that was once alive and well, is all lost for the sake that a little Asian man can pull down his pants, and ejaculate all over it. So funny, right?

3 / 10 = Crapola!!

If the killing of precious, wild animals doesn't at least make you chuckle, you, my friend, have a soul in tact.
If the killing of precious, wild animals doesn’t at least make you chuckle, then you, my friend, have a soul in tact.


  1. I was dreading this film as I knew it wasn’t going to be good but damn… they really didn’t do anything w/ this one. If you’re going to have the movie rely largely on Chow as I heard he butchers a NIN classic (which I will kill him and Todd Phillips for later on). Then you’re movie is absolutely fucked. I really think Phillips peaked with “Old School” and it’s been downhill ever since.

  2. I really needed this movie to be great.
    A) Because an amazing “good-bye” is owed to me as a loyal fan — especially after the abomination that was PT.II.
    B) Because there won’t likely be any other chance of a great summer comedy this year. Unless they re-release “Good Burger.”

    I value your opinion, Dan. That’s why you’re “The Man.” Dawgoneit — I was hoping for a different review!

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. I was one of those who loved the first film, was let down by the second, and now – thanks to your review – probably won’t waste my money seeing the third… Maybe a cheap Sunday matinee, perhaps.

  4. I’m not a fan of The Hangover.. maybe it’s because I don’t get hangovers myself (this is actually true, my grandfather doesn’t get them either and I can pretty much drink anything and not feel shit the next day, even tequila.. I feel so special) … anyway, I’m probably gonna watch it anyway, since I’ve suffered through the first two but man.. I didn’t even enjoy the first one and it’s considered to be the best one.. how the hell am I to survive this!?

    • I don’t know. Just show up trashed (if you can) and be ready for a time that you may enjoy, or surprisingly, be bored by. Then, in that case, bring on more of the vodka.

  5. This was a film that should’ve just stuck with the original and let it be. Now instead of looking back in ten years on how great a comedy the Hangover was, we’ll jus the talking about how terrible the sequels were! I hope Anchorman isn’t poised to repeat that mistake.

    • I hope not either! But something tells me that Anchorman has more love and talent going for it. This one just seemed to become it’s own worst enemy.

  6. Thank god this series is over. Hated the first one, and never ever plan to see the others. Just glad this bomb is getting the reviews it deserves.

  7. I’m only liking this for your review 😉 I would never watch this. I hated the first one to start it so I never made it to the 2nd one. I just remember yesterday night seeing the opening at my theatres with the line ups filled with teens.

  8. […] “If you were there for this franchise when it took an odd-turn for the second movie and stood by it, then the Hangover Part III might just be the perfect good-by you need to calm all of your wonders and nerves down for good” – Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews […]

  9. I’ll say that it wasn’t as terrible as the second one, but still, not a very good movie, and almost bizarrely devoid of humor. At least it’s over now, though (or so they say). Nice review, Dan. 🙂

  10. Part of what made the original so great (for me) was that intersection between the three main characters. Even if the script had been stronger here, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms really seem to be phoning it all in.

    • They really did seem to, and it’s weird because they are probably the biggest stars in it. Yet, Phillips didn’t see it that way.

  11. I was anticipating this for some reason… The first was great, the second wasn’t so good, but not terrible… You know, if the marketing campaign rips off from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II — it should have been a warning sign for me. LOL. So disappointing. Nice review, Dan. Somehow, Alan and Chow get more and more annoying as the movie just trudges along…

  12. Yeah, its crappola alright, and you nailed the reasons, too. Its not funny, there’s too much Chow (and that’s not a good thing) and they did try to get dramatic here and there 🙄

    At least its over. If the hadnt been planning on this film be the final movie anyways, the box office returns would have killed it, thankfully. 😉

  13. Agreed Dan. The Hangover Part III is completely unfunny. Occasionally I chuckled at the madcap antics of Ken Jeong and Zach Galifianakis, however the majority of the film was a painful exercise in patience. I started out still caring about these characters, but by the end I didn’t give a shit about them anymore. I was thrilled when the end credits finally rolled. I think it was smart to try to do something new to break away from the cookie cutter formula, although I would have preferred that to the jumbled mess that we got. I would have gladly traded the same formula for funnier jokes and outlandish situations that tried to one-up the first two movies. You’re right that it couldn’t decide what kind of movie it wanted to be and that dynamite comedic actors (Goodman and McCarthy especially) are woefully underutilized. To me it almost seems like they gave Jeong and Galfianakis MORE leeway, and told everyone else to rein things in. Bad move. I thought Helms looked like he was going to cry the entire time. I wasn’t sure if that was intentional or not considering Alan picked on Stew the whole movie for no good reason.

    • I don’t know what the hell was going on back-stage with this movie and with these people, but it just did not work out well for any of them. Problem too, especially when you take into consideration that nobody here is really funny. At all.

  14. Hi Dan,

    I thought I’d give your review a read as you were kind enough to read mine. A lot of truth spoken, the film is just tonally all the over the place. The screening I went to, people were laughing at every moment of Alan, as if he was funny be default. The animal cruelty was bizarre

  15. I didn’t hate this film, but I agree that it isn’t funny. It does somehow work as an action/crime film and I liked that (?), but I’d say that most of the film’s focus is on Alan rather than your statement about Chow being the film’s focus (maybe it’s a shared thing between both for all I know).

    This isn’t the worst I’ve seen from 2013 (I might regret tthis later, mind you). I’d say Identity Thief and Struck By Lightning are much worse than this one.

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