Slice (2018)

Pizza is life, so I’d understand having to slain someone for it.

In a spooky small town, two pizza-boys wind-up murdered, which sends the whole area into a frenzy. No one really knows who did it, but they’ve all got their ideas, assumptions, and theories, which leads to mass-chaos, as no one really knows what to do or think, so they just act out violently. But when the death-toll continues to pile-up, and without many answers of who’s killing these people, more and more questions arise as to why this is happening, as opposed to the who.

Slice is trying so desperately to become a cult-classic for the midnight-crowd that it forgets to ever infuse itself with anything resembling a personality or fun. It’s mostly a movie that’s been made so that it can confuse people, have some of the cool, hipster kids thinking it’s rad, and others wonder who the hell it’s actually for, and still question why those people who like it so much, actually like it. Cause for Slice, even while it’s not a bad movie, it’s still not a good movie, so it begs the question: Is it worth it?

We got Zazie…

Like no, really: Is it worth it?

The long and short of it is that yes, it’s worth it. There’s some funny bits and pieces thrown in there every so often that keep the crazy energy alive and well, and the supporting cast of dependable funny folks all do what it is that they can to elevate this material. However, aside from all of that stuff, Slice is a little too dull and trying a little too hard for it’s own good, and those two things are never a good combo.

For instance, writer/director Austin Vesely definitely has an interesting look going on here for Slice, in which everything is neon-lit, yet still very pretty, making you feel like you are watching a comic-book come to life on the screen. But the visuals only do so much to really help the movie out with making sense of itself; it’s not all that funny, even though it tries desperately to be, nor is it really all that scary, even if the scares themselves already feel cheap. So basically, it’s a weird little movie that’s not really about much, nor does it really do anything else.

…we got Chance….

Once again, should you watch this? Sure, I mean, why not? There’s worse out there and not all of that crap out there features the likes of Zazie Beetz, Chance the Rapper, Paul Scheer, Chris Parnell, Hannibal Burress, and Joe Keery in them. So yeah, it’s an okay watch, I guess. The midnight classic is so obviously wants to become will probably not happen, but then again, if the hipsters get their way – which they are known to do – then the next few years will be filled with all sorts of Slice special screenings, where fellow cool kids can get together, eat pizza, and laugh about, well, something.

Once again, go for it and have fun.

I guess.

Consensus: By trying so hard to be cool, hip, and a little edgy, Slice never becomes much of anything except a somewhat funny, somewhat entertaining hybrid of horror and comedy that’s not really either of those things.

5 / 10

..and we got this guy. Uhm, help?

Photos Courtesy of: A24

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