Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

The origin-stories to end all of these damn origin-stories.

Brooklyn teenager Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) is going through a bit of a rough time in his life. He’s going to a prep-school he doesn’t quite care for, he doesn’t really get along with his cop dad, and those around him sort of look at him like a weirdo. He doesn’t really fit in anywhere and he doesn’t really know what his greater-purpose is yet in this world, but it all changes when he’s bitten by a radioactive-spider and forced to realize that with these powers he has, comes great responsibility. And since Spider-Man (Chris Pine) was tragically killed by Kingpin (Liev Schrieber), for trying to stop his time-travel device, it’s now up to Miles to avenge his fallen hero. However, since all of this time-travel stuff reared its ugly head, he now has to deal with other versions of the titular superhero, all from different universes and stories, which makes Miles feel as if he’s not quite ready to be the superhero they all need him to be.

There’s that damn Spidey-sense!

It’s been noted by pretty much everyone out there on the world-wide web that yes, Into the Spider-Verse is pretty damn beautiful. It looks every bit of a comic, but plastered on the big-screen, with just the right amount of color and splash that it feels like we’re watching something that was actually hand-crafted on the stage for our very own eyes. In ways, it almost reminds me of a stop-motion film, where all of the craft, effort and creativity is apparent in every single shot, but with this, you can tell that they went the extra mile to ensure that every frame was filled with nearly as much of something to look at, as the last ten other frames. It really is an achievement in animation and it makes you wonder what’s next for the form as a whole.

And as for the movie itself, yep, it’s also pretty great.

It should be noted that with this animated-take on Spider-Man, Sony’s allowed much more wiggle-room to do stuff that they probably couldn’t do with Tom Holland’s Marvel-take; rather than being that story, told again, it’s with new characters, stories, situations, ideas, twists, turns, consequences, and thankfully, universes. The heart and soul of the original stories are here and there are even a number of mentions about the films, but really, after the first five or so minutes, Into the Spider-Verse firmly and comfortably settles in to being its own take on Spider-Man and reminding us that there are more stories to tell.

Which is to say that if they’re all as exciting, fun, hilarious, and heartfelt as this tale, then we’re all in for a joyous trip. Cause after all, it’s another superhero movie, that also happens to be animated and take on a whole bunch of different story-elements that, on paper, are kind of risky. I mean, just giving us other Spider-Men is crazy enough, but to see that the film’s pulling out all of the stops when it takes on the villains and the even greater universe out there, without ever seeming like a ham-fisted tie-in, is definitely a breath of fresh air. It’s a total crowd-pleaser in the sense that it does everything a good movie should do (superhero or not), so to really write at lengths about what it does so well, sort of defeats the purpose.

Not Donald Glover, unfortunately.

It’s just a solid piece of film-making, so yeah, see it. please.

Cause even underneath all of the high-flying and colorfully crazy action, there’s actually a beating heart to it all. For instance, it’s a movie that reminds us what the original always did: That inside of every one of us, lies a hero. We may not know it, or feel it yet, but there is one. It’s cheesy, but when it’s still surprisingly effective, considering that it helps balance out a lot of the other, more heavier aspects of the story (like racism, or murder, or sexism, or hell, even gentrification). But that’s if you’re looking for something deeper. If not, feel free to shut that brain off and go nuts.

You won’t regret it.

Consensus: Filled with an insane amount of creativity and ambition in just about every frame, Into the Spider-Verse feels like the right kind of superhero movie that plays by a different set of rules, yet, still delivers all of the fun, excitement, thrills, and occasional bursts of emotion that we always so expect and love.

8 / 10

I’d party with that.

Photos Courtesy of: Sony Pictures

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