Advertise on DTMMR

As of late, I’ve been having many media outlets, companies, etc. e-mail me and ask if they could do ads on my website. I’m always accepting of the ads, where and who they came from, but I do have rules and standards for these ads:

1. Nothing offensive

2. Has to be a couple of lines at the end of/in the middle of review

3. Can even be a separate page dedicated to your own writing

4. Can’t be too complicated to where I have to literally spend a couple of hours on it

And lastly,

5. Can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it’s not pornographic material or anything offensive to anybody out there who may be reading

So, yep! That’s pretty much it when it comes right down to it!

As you can probably see, I’m not a big stickler when it comes to what you want me to advertise on my website or when, all I ask is that it be done the way that works best for me, and most likely, will work best for you. In any other case, e-mail me at, and always feel free to give me any propositions, ideas, or deals we can make. I’m not usually a heavy-charging dude so maybe we can come up with something.

As always, feel free to contact yours truly! Appreciate it!

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