Elsewhere I Can Be Found

Not only do I write for, and devote half of my life to, Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews, but I also do take some time out of my busy schedule (that mainly consists of sitting on couches or in front of computers) to help out with other sites by writing, contributing, or just getting my name out there for more and more people to see. Some publications I don’t write for any longer, and some I am just starting up with, but nonetheless, they are all places that allowed for me to write for them, strut my stuff and be off on my merry way whenever possible. To all of them, past and present, I say thank you.

Now here, check all of these out! And be warned: Most of the writing is probably poor.

  • Spirit News – Hyper-local publication from the North Philadelphia region that I write a weekly movie review column in.
  • Berks-Mont News – Currently writing for this local paper. Mostly all of my reviews will be appearing in their physical newspaper, but can also be found on their website, writing a weekly movie review on whatever is out and playing in theaters.
  • The Communitarian – Community College newspaper I attended. Very happy, fun-loving and informative place to be, especially if you’re an up-and-coming writer just trying to understand the tricks of the trade.
  • GuysNation – A website my good buddy Rob runs and actually asked me to write for. Most of the articles are just re-postings of work I already have done for this site, but there are some other cool features on there that I wrote like the “Movied” series, which I hope to continue soon, wherever that may be.
  • Boomtron – A website I wrote for very briefly, yet, was able to work on my news writing, as well as some reviews here and there.
  • Cinema Geekly – A site that follows all sorts of media outlets, that were lucky enough to grab a hold of me to help out a bit.


  1. May I ask, how did you come across such oppurtunities? Is it simply because you havr such a massive archive of writing? Or did you actively try to ‘get your name out there’ as you said? Cos when it comes to getting my writimg seen by as many people as possible, I am at a loss at how to go about it.

    Any advice at all would be massively appreciated.


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