A Thin Line Between Love and Hate (1996)

Don’t watch this movie if you need relationship advice, actually don’t watch it at all.

Big-time player and club promoter Darnell (Martin Lawrence) does a double-take when a sophisticated beauty named Brandi (Lynn Whitfield) catches his eye at the club. But as he tries to win her over, the prize is far from what he expected. When Darnell decides he’d rather be with an old friend (Regina King), Brandi won’t take the hint — she’s ready to get even.

Being a Martin Lawrence comedy, I was expecting side-splitting, rolling on the floor laughter, but in the end it didn’t even get a giggle out of me. I tried to like this movie, but I couldn’t. It’s just a dry and humorless comedy.

Now Lawrence directs, writes, and produces this film and shows that sometimes, this is the reason why actros should stay on-screen instead of behind it. Somewhere in this film, is an actually interesting premise about how this one playboy deserves this Fatal Attraction treatment because of the way he treats women, but is narrowed down by stupid supporting casts spots, and unneccessary sex jokes.

I mean in all honesty I didn’t know if this film was supposed to be so funny, cause the film doesn’t have any good jokes here, and by the end of the film it actually starts to turn into a serious thing. I mean this man is almost killed, how is that funny?

I mean I’ll give Lawrence the shadow of the doubt because he does give the usual funny, charm that he always does so well in all of his films. But his hamming it up for the camera seems unwanted since the film can’t even take that humorously, too. Lynn Whitfield’s role in the movie as a woman who goes berserk after being treated like dirt is excellent, I actually believed her.

Consensus: There in no thin line here when it comes to witty dialogue, and funny jokes, since there is none of that in this boring, supposed comedy.


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