Osmosis Jones (2001)

Now I know what’s going through my body when I’m pinching a load.

40-year-old man (Bill Murray) who’s the host to various organisms, tissues and blood cells all trying to do their assigned tasks. Chris Rock provides the voice for Osmosis Jones, a daffy white blood cell who tries to police Murray’s body.

I remember seeing this film back in the day when I was about in 2nd grade, and I loved it. The poor thing about this movie is that it made about $12 million, and it cost about $75 million to make. So does this still hold up as a good for me? Oh yes indeed.

The best thing about this film really is the animation. I liked how it looked, and overall I liked the story, and the action it provided. Your inside of this guy’s body, and you see how all these little cells act like humans, and do human-like things, except their in a human body, and their just a bunch of cells really. The action is also fast-paced, and you can’t help but be entertained by everything that’s going on in the body, it’s just a shame that when we pan out of the body, that this is where the film is most weak at.

The screenplay is not so good. There are a lot of dumb, stupid, and just plain grotesque toilet humor jokes. There’s non-stop farting, burping, snot, sneezes, and hell even a pimple bursts. That’s where I draw the line, cause that ish isn’t funny, that’s just plain old disgusting. I guess I don’t know what else to expect from gross-out humor kings The Farrelly Brothers, but at least some of the other disgusting stuff is funny, this is just stupid. The human parts are actually very boring compared to the animation, probably cause their both directed by two different people.

Chris Rock does a good voice job with Osmosis Jones, and doesn’t bring too many of his blackness to this in order to bring laughs from the more African-American viewers. David Hyde Pierce was such an odd choice for this, but he really does shine, and bring a lot of comedy with his signature delivery. You also have Laurence Fishburne playing the cool, bad-ass villain Thrax, and he does a very good job too. Bill Murray really isn’t that funny in this movie, probably because he plays such a bum, and does nothing but basically kill himself in this movie, he wasn’t very exciting to watch on screen.

When I was watching this I couldn’t help but remember all the good old times watching this movie with all my buddies, and laughing at the fart jokes in this film. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize, fart jokes, done right are funny. Still, any movie that can bring me to my child-hood is A-ok with me.

Consensus: Osmosis Jones brings me back to the good old days of when I was a kid, with its awesome visuals and action, but doesn’t satisfy when it turns to the human aspect of this film, and it’s non-stop array of terrible potty jokes.



  1. great review! I think we’re about on the same page on this one, but I mgiht have liked it jus ta tad more than you, but that’s cool. thanks for the comment, man!

  2. I had no idea this was the Farrelly Brothers! Or maybe I once knew and forgot. This particular Farrelly project didn’t really do it for me. I ask only one thing of comedies, they need to make me laugh! Big fan of Kingpin, Dumb and Dumber, Me, Myself and Irene and There’s Something About Mary, so I can forgive them a few less than perfect entries.

  3. nice review, I agree with it completely. One thing I liked, was the correlation between what was happening inside his body and what was happening outside. The symptoms outside and what was going on inside. BUT the pimple bursting made me nauseous.

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