The 40 Year-Old Virgin (2005)

Really makes me wanna get it on! Any takers?

Andy Stitzer (Steve Carell) has a pleasant life with a nice apartment and a job stamping invoices at an electronics store. But at age 40, there’s one thing Andy hasn’t done, and it’s really bothering his sex-obsessed male co-workers: Andy is still a virgin. Determined to help Andy get laid, the guys make it their mission to de-virginize him. But it all seems hopeless until Andy meets small business owner Trish (Catherine Keener), a single mom.

This was the directorial debut for the man we now call, Judd Apatow. The guy went on to direct Knocked Up and Funny People. Even though this isn’t as good as them both, it still is frickin’ hilarious.

My favorite aspect to this film is that it’s script is basically just one running gag for about two hours, but somehow Apatow and company make it work. The humor here is gross-out, disgusting, sexxed up, but sometimes insightful, and always hilarious. There are plenty of one-liners that you’ll find here, as well as some funny little hits on Michael McDonald, horse shows, hood rats, and the movie Gandhi that are all funny as hell, and although they may not always hit the mark you still find yourself cracking up at everything these people say. This could have easily gone the wrong way, and just have been one bad sex joke, after another, but it never seems to get old.

However, there’s more to this film than just a bunch of dick and sex jokes. There’s actually more of a sweet tone to this film that works out for this film because in between all the raunchiness, there is actually a caring, little love story here. It’s not just about this dude trying to bag a bitch, but more about him actually having a meaningful relationship with somebody and falling in love. It all sounds pretty corny, but just to watch how Apatow pulls all this off is something great to see.

My only problem with this film is that it does run on for a bit too long. The version I watched was 2 hours and 13 minutes, which made some conversations run on longer than others, and by the end you feel like this runs on about 10 minutes too long. Speaking of the end, what the hell was up with that ending? I didn’t really get the whole “Age of Aquarius” song number at the end, and to be truly honest, I don’t think anybody else watching this did either.

Not only did Apatow become a star after this so did the whole cast. Steve Carell makes his first star turn as the geeky, but lovable Andy Stitzer, and makes all the scenes with him hilarious. Nowadays, it’s almost hard to see him as anything other than Michael Scott, but no matter what he is in, he is an absolute riot to have up there, and this first big role for him proves it. Catherine Keener is good as the main romantic interest, Trish, but my only problem with her is that I feel that her character was a little too sweet for this type of movie, but despite that Keener is always a delight to have. This film also put so many other talents on the map such as Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Romany Malco, Jane Lynch, Kat Dennings, Leslie Mann, Elizabeth Banks, and a little cameo from a very young Jonah Hill. All do great jobs with the material their given, and thanks to this film, are all getting big-time paychecks from so many other films.

Consensus: Some of it may run on too long, but The 40-Year-Old Virgin has a great combo of a hilarious script filled with raunch and vulgarity, and a sweet story at the bottom of it all, with plenty of great moments with this funny cast.



  1. So far, this is my favorite film that Judd Apatow has created. It’s not only funny but also sweet. I kind of agree with you that Apatow sometimes goes a little long though I didn’t have a problem with this film or Knocked Up. I did have a problem with Funny People being too long.

    I just love a lot of the little moments in this film including Steve Carell’s performance as well as the “you know how I know you’re gay” jokes and the use of Asia’s “Heat of the Moment”.

    • I liked it, but I also liked Knocked Up more, and a little bit of Funny People. My problem here was that it seems like it drags and that ending. WTF!?!?

    • I’m with you, this is my favorite Apatow movie as well. In fact, this is the one I consider one of the best comedies of recent times (along with Grandma’s Boy) and one of my favorites of all-time. Just hilarious all around.

      Me and my friends still quote this movie on a daily basis pretty much and even go around playing the “You know how I know you’re gay?” game lol

      Just an absolutely great comedy, I think, and one that blows all his others out of the water.

      • Dang, I guess I’m the only one who still feels different about all that, but I have to say I liked it still.

  2. It took me a while to really like this movie. The first time I saw it, I really thought it was boring and none of the dialogue connected. Watching it a second time, I couldn’t stop laughing… Weird ahha 😉

  3. Hands-down, my favorite performance by Steve Carell. And that’s including all the scenes he stole in “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.” I think Carell hit all the right notes here, going sweet and naive and damaged when he could have gone creepy and off-putting. Plus, it never hurts to have Paul Rudd playing your buddy or Catherine Keener your love interest. Great cast all-around, really.

    • Here’s very good here and he really hasn’t been able to flesh out his acting skills as of late, but Carell’s upcoming projects may bring in some perfect performances. Good job overall!

  4. I loved this movie, even the Age Of Aquarius ending. I agree that it was too long, though, I don’t think any comedy should be much longer than 90 minutes.

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