Jack and Jill (2011)

Adam Sandler’s career went up a hill, then totally plummeted.

Jack (Adam Sandler) has a nice quiet life with his family, until Thanksgiving comes and in comes strolling in his identical twin sister, Jill (also played by Sandler). She creates a huge problem for Jack especially when Al Pacino comes into the mix as a man who is very fond of Jill.

My expectations were already terribly low for this film going in considering that the trailer looked like one of those fake-films ‘Tropic Thunder’ had in the beginning, the 4% it now has Rotten Tomatoes, and the fact that it’s directed by Dennis Dugan, the genius behind ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry’, ‘Grown Ups’, ‘You Don’t Mess With the Zohan‘, and the list goes on and on. Therefore, you know this is going to be shit.

In case you already can’t tell from the looks of it, this film is not funny but that’s not to say it doesn’t have some chuckles here and there. I had a chuckle and maybe one laugh-out-loud moment, but other than that, this film blows. I mean the film goes from fart-jokes, to obvious slap-stick, to anti-semantic jokes, and then randomly to jokes about Mexicans, hookers, Indians, and Al Pacino. The film varies all over the damn place. But not in a good way.

Another major problem with this film that I did not understand was how could anybody ever like Jill and her company, let alone her own twin brother. I mean she’s loud, annoying, mean, disgusting, talks loud, makes fun of chicks to their face, and gets sad at the most random things of all. I can’t really put any blame on Jack for not wanting to be around her because honestly, she annoyed the hell out of me just watching her, I could only imagine what it would be like to spend all of your favorite vacations with her.

Then the film tries to go for the little sympathetic note at the end where it tries to show that Jill just needs love, but what has she actually done that made her seem like she needed it and why the eff does Jack all of a sudden feel like he needs to give it to her despite practically trying to avoid her the whole 93 minutes. 93 minutes that I also must say felt as effin’ long as ‘The Godfather‘. As you can tell I’m trying to reference as many good films as I can just to get my mind off of this crap.

The performance from Adam Sandler that he gives for Jack and Jill really isn’t a bad one to say the least, there’s just nothing really all that funny about either of their characters so it kind of just doesn’t matter. It’s also really sad to say this because Sandler used to be one of the funniest guys in Hollywood and probably still could be if he wasn’t stuck doing shit where he gets to wear lip-stick, make-up, and woman’s clothes. Also, Katie Holmes plays his wife, as if she was trying to base her role off of a piece of card-board.

It was pretty fun to see all of these random cameos from people such as Regis Philbin, Dana Carvey, Drew Carey, Shaquille O’Neal, Jared (the Subway guy), Michael Irvin, Tim Meadows, and even David Spade. However they are all just here because Sandler has a lot of friends and keeps true to them but still doesn’t do much. Al Pacino is hilarious and shockingly convincing basically playing a nutty version as himself and is probably the main reason to see this film considering he is just so damn funny. The one laugh-out-loud moment I had with this film was because of him, which is saying a damn lot really.

Oh and there is also Johnny Depp wearing a Justin Beiber t-shirt saying that he was apart of Duran Duran. This is the most random bit of the whole movie and probably the most memorable, considering it lasts for only about 2 minutes.

Consensus: Jack and Jill had chuckles mostly thanks to Al Pacino, but other than that is just not funny because Jill is incredibly unlikable and just a person that nobody would ever want to be around, let alone her own brother.


How ironic is it also that one of the last lines of this film was Pacino himself saying “Burn it!”? My thoughts exactly Al.


  1. Retina-burning, ha. Sandler is one of the least talented men on film. He plays either dopey depressed (SPANGLISH, FUNNY PEOPLE) or a manchild in need of medication (“hits” like HAPPY GILMORE, BILLY MADISON). His only fine performance is PT Anderson’s PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE.

  2. Whaaaat? You didn’t like this movie? This movie was awes–

    Ok, I can’t even type that joke out.

    It sucked. How bad is that trailer that the news is the movie is NOT the end of film as we know it?

  3. Once more we bear witness to the sad, sorry state of Hollywood filmmaking, when dreck like this is released year after year.

    Well written, Dan, once more. I have no intention of ever, ever seeing this rubbish.

  4. My dear God! I hope you didn’t pay any money to see this. I don’t think I can last a minute of that film after seeing that trailer. Johnny Depp wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt is more than enough for me to stay away from it.

    • I got in for free so no need to worry and to be honest this film probably is only better because of Depp, who is in the film for only about 2 minutes. Thanks dude!

  5. You were a little more forgiving than I was considering I gave it 0/5. What’s sad is that after I wrote my review I thought of the scene in Funny People where Sandler’s character watches some of his movies like the one where he’s been transformed into a baby and I thought, “How can he do Jack and Jill after doing such a spot-on parody of his films in Funny People?”

    • That’s what I was wondering. I mean he knows that he makes shit, but the real question is why does he keep on doing the shit he seems to make fun of sometimes. Thank you Nicholas!

  6. ok dan, jack and jill was a 2/5 and only because of pacino n depp n the jalapeno scene with grandma with one front tooth. pacino n dunkachino was hilarious depp had 3lines n was hilarious n id give that a 2/5 pacccccxccccccccccccccinnnnnnnnnnnnoooooo

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