That’s My Boy (2012)

Somehow I wish my dad was like this.

While still in his teens, Donny (Adam Sandler) fathered a son, Todd (Andy Samberg), and raised him as a single parent up until Todd’s 18th birthday. Now, after not seeing each other for years, Todd’s world comes crashing down on the eve of his wedding when an uninvited Donny suddenly shows up.

To be truly honest, I was somewhat looking forward to this flick. Adam Sandler has been in a down-fall as of late, but this one had promise because it was directed by someone new (Sean Anders of Sex Drive), has another big-name that is on the verge of being the new “comedic bad boy” that Sandler once was, and is rated-R. I know I can’t get myself hyped up for something just because it’s rated-R but it’s Sandler we’re talking about here! This guy is freakin’ hilarious when it comes to this stuff, right?

The main problem with this flick is that a lot the comedy is in bad taste. This is something that many comedies can pull off if they can do it in a smart way that can make you laugh, here, it’s done terribly wrong as if the idea of this film was to just horrify the audience. The first 5 minutes of this film is dedicated to a relationship between a twelve-year-old student and his adult teacher, and if that doesn’t get you right away, trust me, there is plenty more to disturb you. For me, I wasn’t all that disturbed by everything here because I feel like anything goes whenever you’re making a comedy but it doesn’t work here since all of the raunchy and vile stuff that the writers were throwing at us, were just for the sake of doing so. It almost felt like it was forcing itself to be raunchy in order to be funny, which bothered me because when you have a guy like Sandler, you shouldn’t have to force any type of comedy regardless of what the film may be.

It’s terribly raunchy and dirty but the film isn’t anything different from what we’ve already seen from any other Sandler comedy. All of the conventions we have come to expect, and probably hate by now, are here and in force the whole way through such as the hair metal music soundtrack, the random D-list celebrities who show up here just to make a quick buck, the women who are all made out to be either bitches, whores, gold-diggers, or just complete psychopaths, gross-out gags, and the annoying schmaltz that creeps up by the end and tells you about how “family is important”, aka the same exact theme behind every single one of Sandler’s productions. Yeah, it’s all pretty obvious and even though it did have me chuckle every once and a blue moon, the film still missed the mark on every other single joke it tried to make.

I guess what really bugged me about this whole film was how unfunny Adam Sandler was here. Sandler plays Donny, a total dirt bag that obviously can’t connect with his son, nor with his son’s richy-rich friends and acquaintances but just wants to have a good time and get some moolah in the meantime. This doesn’t sound so bad for a Sandler character but the problem with Donny is that he’s kind of annoying, and Sandler’s frat-boy antics don’t quite work out as well when you’re pushing 45. The voice Donny has is this Boston-like, high-pitched voice that just got on my nerves right from the start and every joke that he makes is hard to understand due to this. But Sandler may have to stop with these types of roles sooner or later because even though they worked incredibly well back in the 90’s/early 00’s, they are starting to seem too obvious for him now as if he just wants to go back and try to bring back that glory he once had.

I sure as hell hope that Andy Samberg didn’t leave SNL for this shit because this guy really gets screwed over here as Donny’s son, Todd/Han Solo. Samberg is pretty good at playing the straight-man but he’s never fully able to let loose of his crazy-boy antics that he shows off so well in everything else he does, and a lot of that is mostly given to Sandler. But surprisingly, the funniest cast member of this whole film has to be Vanilla Ice playing himself and actually really open to making fun of himself. Ice is probably the funniest/best thing of this whole flick and he doesn’t do much other than just be a total nut case. Also, he allows a couple of “Ice Ice Baby” jokes here and there as well, something I was not expecting from his side one bit.

Consensus: That’s My Boy is a raunchy comedy that’s done in terribly bad taste, but also isn’t very funny, features the usual antics and gags we expect from an Adam Sandler comedy, and squanders the comedic talent that lies within Andy Samberg, only to give it to random d-listers like Vanilla Ice and Todd Bridges.



  1. Adam Sandler should just stop making films altogether. It’s bad enough he’s catering the lowest common denominator and having product placements in his films. Now he’s saying it’s OK for a kid to get an older woman in trouble for having sex with him and the kid becomes famous.

    I think it’s time for Adam Sandler to just stop and realize that he’s not funny anymore.

      • I don’t think it’s a matter of being “too old.” I just feel his roles/films seem to be lacking in heart. I call it the American Pie effect. The main series were usually good, BUT always had some heart. The A.P Presents films were just heartless vulgarity. I’m pretty sure if you took the heart out of Billy Madison, you’d have the 90’s version of his films today.

        PS: Strong review. I’ll probably check this flick out on a cheapy-Tuesday.

  2. This review totally missed the point of the film. It was a hilarious movie, with jokes all the way through and complete silliness. It’s Sandler’s best in a while. Bad taste? Are you a prude? Have you seen the Jackass movies? There’s an audience for this. I thought your review was just an attempt to present yourself as politically correct. OMG, whatever.

  3. I thought after Funny People Sandler might take the hint and stick with the more grown-up stuff, but it seems like he just can’t help himself. Each new movie is even more shitty than the one before.

  4. What’s great about this kind of movie, as a critic, is knowing that you’ll have the chance to eviscerate the film. Nothing more fun than kicking a movie while its lying down.

  5. Adam Sandler movies are all the same. He needs to change that. I also had no desire to see it after reading a few reviews in my magazines that I get online. Seems Mr. Sandler has hit a brick wall. Really is to bad, cause he could and should change that. Nice review. Thanks

  6. As Adam Sandler vehicles go, this one was pretty bad. That should say something. Ice was great, Todd Bridges was great, but Sandler just needs to… grow up? Do something different? Be the straight man to someone other than himself? I don’t know, but this movie was awful. Not Bucky Larson awful, but awful nonetheless.

  7. It’s pretty sad when you have a cast full of amusing cameo’s and comedic actors and one of the funniest people in your movie is Vanilla Ice. As far as raunchy comedy goes, Sandler is 10 years late to the party and it totally wastes Samberg. Good review, Dan!

  8. Well, not all is lost because reading this review makes me want to get out my copy of The Wedding Singer. Remembering the better movies of Adam Sandler. Nice review.

  9. I really liked the movie, but I guess to put it into perspective I’ve never really been a fan of Adam Sandler. So, I didn’t feel any loyalty to his earlier work. I went into the film with an open mind and I laughed a lot. I do agree there were some “shock value” things that just didn’t sit well and came off as lazy. I also saw it in a pre-screening and it was only around 85 minutes long whereas it’s about 115 in theaters. So, that could have made a huge difference. You definitely make valid points. Good review.

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